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*Before I begin I wanted to do a small disclaimer. We were sent the product for free to review. All opinions within the post are completely our own*

When we were asked if we would like some wireless earphones in return for a review, we said absolutely! We’re both iPhone users, and although AirPods have never appealed to us (I’d rather just use the free headphones they give you than spend all that money) we do love wireless headphones and currently share a pair for as and when we need them.

They arrived very quickly and were packaged up well, in a small box and not a huge amount of plastic, apart from 1 small plastic bag for all the little pieces (extra ear buds etc.) The actual product comes with:

  • Earphones
  • Charging box
  • Charger cable
  • Extra silicone ear bud covers

The earphones themselves are really easy to set up. I’ve found with Bluetooth items in the past sometimes the item doesn’t show up straight away or there can just be issues with pairing for whatever reason. But these were really easy, it was just a case of pressing both earphones for 20 seconds to turn on (although I don’t think they took that long) and locate them on your phones Bluetooth. Then they’re ready to use, and it really was that simple.

I initially tried them to see how they’d sit in my ears, I’ve always got the fear with earphones that they’ll fall out and so I tend to lean more towards over head headphones. I did have that initial fear that they were going to fall out, but they seemed ok. More on this later though!

I then tested out the volume and clarity, so I turned them up as loud as they’d go and I genuinely could not hear anything but the music that was playing. They really are noise cancelling, and I love that. I’ve had headphones in the past that claim to be noise cancelling, but I can still hear background noise. There definitely wasn’t any chance of that with these bad boys. I did find that the quality did drop slightly with how loud I had the music, but not enough to grumble about and definitely not enough for me to turn my music down.

I decided to walk to work with them in, and the day that I used them it was very windy. I expected one to fall out or come loose or something, but they didn’t move at all in my walk to work – which is about 15 minutes. So considering I’m usually not a fan of this type of earphone, I was impressed!

I found the battery life was pretty good for them, I ended up using them most of the afternoon and they only dropped 1 bar. But the box you keep them in charges them anyway, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you did notice the battery was starting to drop.

I’d say the only slight criticism I have is that after a while, one of the earphones did start to hurt my ear with how it was sat but this could just be because I’m not used to headphones like this and I might not have had them in right.

So if you’re on the market for some earphones and can’t justify buying AirPods then I’d definitely recommend this pair. They can be found on amazon and I think we’ll definitely carry on using them, I think they’ll be perfect for Mark for the gym and I’ll definitely be using them again!

These Boltune Wireless Earbuds are available to purchase on Amazon, and if you follow this link, we’ll make a tiny bit of commission from the sale.

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