Gift guide for Her – Blogmas – Day 9

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Time for the final gift guide of this years Blogmas. I know, it’s a sad time for us all but I promise there is still more Christmas content to come. So without further ado, let’s get on to our last gift guide! This post (as the title would suggest) is all about gifts that you could buy for the ladies in your lives, and obviously, these may not be the ideal present for everyone. These are just things that I personally feel would be great bigger gift options.

Disclaimer* This post may include links to brands that we have previously worked with, if this is the case I will be sure to mention this and / or include a * next to the brands in question.

Gift guide for Her

Gift guide for Her

Wireless headphones

I love listening to music or podcasts, or watching videos on my phone so for me it’s always important to have a decent set of headphones. Wireless headphones are an absolute god send and make life so much easier, it just all depends on whether or not you prefer in ear buds or if you prefer over the head headphones. We reviewed these in ear headphones earlier in the year (the review can be found here ) and they are absolutely fantastic, I use them pretty much every day and they are really well priced so I would definitely recommend them.

If you want a more luxury headphone, then I would also recommend the Bose SoundLink headphones. I use these a lot as well, and I’ve owned this particular set for nearly 3 years and they are still going strong. These are obviously more expensive, and they also don’t fit as easily into a handbag (depending on the size). So it really depends on the person!

Hot drinks machine

Theres nothing quite like having a coffee machine or a hot chocolate maker that makes your drinks taste so much better. We absolutely adore our coffee machine, but ours is a bit big for a Christmas gift! There are so many smaller coffee machines that are well priced and are so much nicer than just making coffee with a kettle. If you want a coffee machine that uses pods, then the Tassimo Joy Pod coffee machine is compatible with Tassimo pods and can make a number of different drinks. However, if you’d prefer a machine that uses ground coffee rather than pods I would look into the Swan retro espresso coffee machine which uses ground coffee. It’s also absolutely beautiful and comes in a range of different colours.

If the person in question isn’t a coffee drinker then I would say to look at buying them a milk frother to make hot chocolates, they make the most delicious hot chocolates. We currently have the Nespresso Milk frother and while it has seen better days, we’ve had it for YEARS (Mark has had it longer than our relationship is) and we love it. I’ll be gutted when it gives up on life.

Hot air hair styler

I have seen the Dyson Airwrap EVERYWHERE online, and I’m obsessed with it but it is expensive. I’m talking ridiculously expensive, it’s the definition of a luxury product – this isn’t even the full kit, but I couldn’t justify including something worth £500 on this gift guide. However, if you’ve got money to spare and you know someone that would love this product then I would say look into it. Having said that though, there are a large number of alternatives online now and for a fraction of the price.

A similar tool would be the BaByliss Hot Air Styler. It has a lot of the similar features, and also has some really great reviews. So if someones mentioned the Dyson Airwrap to you, I would say look into this product and a few of the alternatives if you can’t justify the cost of the Dyson.


I love reading, and don’t get me wrong theres nothing quite like having a proper physical book. I adore my kindle though and would hands down recommend them to anyone that loves reading, or wants to get into reading more. Reading is also a great resolution to have, if any of you are trying to think of any! They come in a number of different colours and all with different screen sizes, there is also the option of whether or not you want to get rid of ads (Mark paid extra so that my kindle had no adds which I’m so thankful for.) Have a hunt on Amazon to see which one is the best option for the person you’re buying for.

Something personal

Theres nothing quite like receiving a gift that you can tell someone has put a lot of thought into. That when you open it you just go “this person really wanted to get me something special”. I’ve come across a few items that I think seem absolutely lovely, and I know I would personally really appreciate. This custom Spotify song and picture night light is stunning, and such a nice touch if you’re giving this to someone you share a song with. I also found this custom 3D photo lamp, which is just so sweet and if you’ve got a favourite photo with the recipient then this would be a great gift to give.

Other ideas.

I’ve mentioned before that stationary and skincare are always absolute winners in my eyes. I’ll always be happy opening up some new serum, or a new planner on Christmas day. Some other great options could be if you know that the lady in your life likes certain homeware. I love a new set of mugs, and these beauties from Trouva are right up my street. I also appreciate items like new bedding and different little trinkets for around the house (I’m a sad act I know, but I like these things).

When in doubt, you cant go wrong with loungewear or some new pyjamas and slippers. Theres nothing quite like getting a new set of pj’s for Christmas (as I said previously, I know I’m a sad act.)

So there we go, that is our last gift guide of 2020. I hope we’ve managed to give you plenty of ideas, and I hope that you receive some lovely gifts in return.

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