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*Before I begin I wanted to do a small disclaimer. We were sent the product for free to review. All opinions within the post are completely our own. Also, if you’re here looking for a great saving on Tagosi, scroll straight to the bottom of the post for a coupon code*

We hate losing things – I’m sure we ALL hate losing things! Recently, we were approached by a company who asked us to try out and review their service. At first, we were hesitant to get involved (we get a lot of spammy requests to review things), but this one really jumped out at us.

Grayson is now at that age where he’s very aware of things that are his – “Mr Turtle” (err, his cuddly Turtle), his BumbleBee backpack, his welly boots – all the things that we can’t leave the house without now. One night we thought we’d lost “tiny ted“, and we were preparing to break the bad news to him – thankfully, he turned up in the house.

But what if we had lost him? What if Mr Turtle had got left behind whilst we were out for a meal, or his Bumblebee bag gets left at the park? What if Tiny Ted was left at the Zoo!?


Well, not anymore!

That’s where Tagosi comes in. Tagosi is a really simple subscription based service that allows you to be easily reunited with your priceless belongings. Once you join Tagosi, you’ll receive a welcome pack which consists of a range of tags, stickers, wallet cards and keyrings, all with your unique Tagosi QR code and reference number on them. You simply attach these to your belongings – and if they get lost, they can be quickly reunited with you by the finder simply entering the tag details on the Tagosi website.

Easy, right?

It’s totally anonymous and safe – there’s no technology tracking you or your belongings – and you can chat to the finder of your property totally anonymously. No need to exchange mobile numbers, Tagosi has a built in chat interface to allow you to organise being reunited with your beloved goods. The tags and stickers are strong and robust, the stickers are washing machine and dishwasher proof, and the tags are solid metal.

So what’s the cost? Tagosi is a subscription based service, you pay per year for your membership. It’s £25 a year, so that’s about £2 a month – a really small price to pay for that peace of mind, right? £25 a year to help your little ones get to sleep with that teddy you thought you’d never see again! £25 a year to return your phone or keys back to you safely.

Hold on though

We’ve got a coupon code you can use to receive a £5 a year discount. That brings the annual cost down to just £20 a year, £1.65(ish) a month! Just use the coupon code “thestevensonlife2020” when checking out to receive the discount.

The bottom line

We’re not told what to write here – one of the agreements of us reviewing products is that we will simply give an honest opinion of them. We give constructive criticism to the companies if we think it’s needed, and praise if we like it – and we like this! I’ve added the tags to my DSLR and case, Ash has them on her bag – we both have them in our wallet / purse. Grayson has them on his favourite toys that he takes out, and his coats. They’re also offering Child wristbands, ideal if you’re heading a festival or busy place, as an extra peace of mind should you get separated from your child.

Of course, you’re relying on the person finding the item using their eyes and following the (really simple) steps with Tagosi – but by having the tags in place, you’re at least opening up that opportunity for you to be reunited with your belongings.

You can read more about Tagosi on their website, and sign up using this link. Remember, enter the code “thestevensonlife2020” to receive £5 off your annual membership.

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