2 years.

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Grayson is officially 2 years old as of today (technically as of 7:50 tonight, but that would just be mean!) and what a wild 2 years it’s been.

I remember bringing this tiny little baby home and just thinking “what now?”. I’d never been able to keep a plant alive, let alone a human being. Yet here we are 2 years on, and I’d like to think we’ve done a pretty cracking job so far.

I know as he’s my child I’m bound to be biased, but he really is an INCREDIBLE little soul. He’s so kind and caring, so thoughtful and loving. He’ll often come up to me and give me a cuddle and go “love you mummy” just because he wants to. He’ll ask you if you’re okay, and he’s so connected to emotions for a toddler that he really will feel what you feel very deeply.

He’s so shy around strangers and big groups of people, but the moment he’s comfortable he’s the star of the show. He’ll sing, and use his ever growing imagination and the insane sense of humour that he already has. He really does light up a room, with his bright personality (and the fact he’s absolutely bloody beautiful doesn’t hurt either). Friends, family and even strangers have told us what a delightful little boy he is.

He loves Thomas the Tank Engine and all 3 of the “Cars” films, he also loves sitting with his troll dolls and Bing and co. and watching their respective shows whilst he tells them (and us) in detail what is happening every second. He loves reading books and building with his Duplo and just using his imagination in general.

He’s also so clever, that Mark and I are amazed on the daily with the things he comes out with. He can say and do so much already, that the sky really is the limit with our baby boy. I love listening to him talk, and there really is nothing better than your child telling you they love you and just having every day conversations with them

I may sound like I’m bragging and I’m not usually one to brag but if I can’t say all these amazing things about my baby on his birthday, then when can I!?

Don’t get me wrong, we have our days where we struggle because he is still a toddler and toddlers can be little shits when they want to be. But at the end of the day, when I’m sat with him as he’s falling asleep I look at him and know I wouldn’t change him for a second. This has been my favourite age so far, because he’s just absolutely brilliant.

We are so lucky that Grayson came into our lives, as he really is the light of our lives. I can’t wait to see what the upcoming years have in store.

Happy birthday my darling boy.

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