Roffie White Noise Machine Product Review

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Roffie White Noise Machine Product Review – Please note, we were gifted this machine in return for a product review. Our review, however, is an honest opinion of the product, good and bad.

Since birth, really, Grayson has slept better with some background noise on – as most babies do at some level. We’d found a good white noise loop track on Spotify, so we’d leave that on for him overnight on Alexa in his room – which of course would mean we couldn’t use our Spotify if we wanted.

Coupled with Spotify deciding to randomly stop, it wasn’t ideal (have you ever tried to restart white noise gently so it doesn’t wake sleeping beauty? No? Don’t bother, it’s a nightmare!)

Roffie contacted us and asked if we’d like to test their new White Noice Machine – hurrah! No more worrying about Alexa randomly stopping, and I’d finally be able to listen to Spotify on my evening bike rides!

So, here we go.

Roffie White Noise Machine Product Review

The unit itself is small and compact – but the built in speaker offers a good sound quality, with a firm rumbly bass (never thought I’d type that in a review). It has 5 buttons on the front, to control the volume and switch between the various sounds (there’s 30 in total).

A small white/blue LED comes on to show the unit is active, but you can’t notice this in a dark room really, it’s just bright enough to remind you it’s powered on, but nothing more.

It has 35 volume step levels, so you really can go from a whisper quiet noise, to full on thunderstorm, if you wish!


It’s powered via a MicroUSB port, and comes with the cable and plug – but you probably have hundreds of these laying around the house, so any will do.

Roofie White Noise Machine
Roofie White Noise Machine

The Sound

The sounds are clear and crisp – with the repeats unnoticeable – sometimes there’s a clear jump between the end of a loop and the start, but not on this unit. It’s seamless, which means no startling the toddler when the track restarts. We’ve not tested every sound and pitch, but the ones we have, are perfect.

It’s worth noting, that the unit must be plugged in – the description on Amazon states that it “charges” when it’s plugged in, that’s incorrect. There is no battery in it, but it will run off a PowerBank for hours, if you were out and about with no plug sockets near by. The unit is really light, and compact, so you could easily pop it in a suitcase for weekends away without any worries.

My final thoughts

All in all, this is an amazingly good unit – I would recommend highly if you’re looking for one. However, there’s a couple of very minor things to consider!

Firstly, a battery might have been a good addition. I get that it adds extra weight, but the ability to run it without a plug socket might come in handy. But the PowerBank solution solves this.
Secondly, the headphone socket is on the back – this really annoys me with things! Headphone cables are never long enough as it is, so having to plug it in around the back would be annoying (for me). Pop it on the front, job done.

You can purchase the Roffie White Noise Machine by following this link, and if you do, we’ll make a tiny bit of commission from the sale. You can read our other reviews and opinions here.

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