Our bucket list for after lockdown.

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Recently when we were on a walk around the block, we started talking to Grayson about all the things we wanted to do once lockdown was over and done with. I thought it would make a really nice blogpost, it’s also worth saying that the first thing we want to do is see family and friends of course! But this, our bucket list, is more specifically for things outside of that, that we want to do just the 3 of us.

Go to London for the weekend.

One of the first things we said is that we want to take Grayson to London and take him to all the best museums, take him to some of the beautiful parks that London has to offer, and to the zoo and aquarium. We’d also like to take him to Winter Wonderland if it’s all back to normal by then (here’s hoping!).

Go to Thomas Land.

We were supposed to go to Thomas Land for Grayson’s 2nd birthday with some of our family, but this ended up being cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Grayson is a HUGE Thomas the Tank Engine fab and so we’re desperate to take him as we think he’ll have an amazing time.

Have a picnic

Grayson is really into the idea of picnics at the moment, so we’ll often have our lunch on the floor, but this doesn’t really have the same effect as a proper picnic. So I’d love to be able to take him to a nice park and not have to worry about getting back home.

Go back to Liverpool.

Mark and I lived in Liverpool for a few years and Grayson was born in Liverpool, so it holds a lot of memories and positivity for us. There are people and things there that we would love to go back to and enjoy even if it was just for a few days. If you’ve never been to Liverpool I’d highly recommend it, it’s one of our favourite places in the UK.

Book a holiday.

We’ve had Grayson’s passport since last year with the best intentions of going, but life got in the way and now lockdown, so we haven’t managed to go abroad yet. Hopefully when this is all over we’ll book a last minute trip somewhere, if not, we’re toying with the idea of going back to Centre Parcs just before Christmas to get a dose of festive goodness!

These are just a few of the things on our bucket list for when lockdown had ended, there are many more and I can’t wait to cram in all the memories with our family! What are some of the things you want to do when lockdown is over? Comment below!

5 thoughts on “Our bucket list for after lockdown.”

  1. I am just looking forward to parks and nature reserves. I hope to go on my two day trips I have booked and paid for, but if cancelled, I don’t plan to re-book, or any further trips this year.

  2. Great Post guys. We’ve not really spoken about what we would do after Lockdown other than seeing family. We had discussed with family of a group gathering for a weekend somewhere.

    London sounds great, it is one place I’ve never actually visited before. Its the zoos that I’d like to go to.


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