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We were recently offered a toucanBox to try out and see how Grayson got on. Which we were VERY excited to get, because after however many weeks we’ve been in lockdown – we’ll accept all the help for entertaining a toddler that we can get! So here’s our Toucanbox review….

It took a while to arrive, but we had been made aware of this so it wasn’t a big issue. With the boxes, they are designed so they fit through your letter box which is ideal for if you aren’t at home for whatever reason (which I know isn’t the case at the moment, but it’s good to know for in future!)

Grayson ToucanBox Review
Grayson – ToucanBox Review

The box contains 2 crafts ready for you to make with all the instructions and bits and pieces that you need to craft them. Before ordering the box, you get to select what 2 crafts you want to do and although the crafts do have age ranges – I really wouldn’t be put off by that (more on this later).

The 2 crafts we selected for Grayson were the racing jellyfish and the mini greenhouse. When I asked Grayson which one he wanted to try first he automatically went for the jellyfish. This craft was for 3-8 year olds, but I would say there is still a lot for younger children to do. Grayson had a great time decorating his jellyfish and helping me thread the ribbons through to create their tentacles. He wasn’t bothered by the ‘racing’, but they’re now hung in his play room and he still keeps bringing them out to play!

The finished product, which Grayson wouldn’t let go of for quite some time.

We then had a really rainy day and I asked if Grayson would like to do the mini greenhouse. So we sat at the table and did this together.

This again was recommended for 3-8 year olds, but Grayson adored this craft. He loved watching the soil expand and planting the seeds. He has also loved decorating the greenhouse, and he’s enjoying watering it every day. One of Grayson’s favourite shows is JoJo & Gran Gran, and in one of the episodes she grows a sunflower and he’s so excited that he’ll have his own sunflower eventually!

The finished product!

The box also contains a magazine that has other crafts, and some pages to colour in, which Grayson and I did later that day!

Overall, this came at an ideal time for us and if we were at the beginning of lockdown I would have absolutely set up a monthly subscription for their boxes. Don’t be too put off by the age guides for their crafts because they are just that – guides. If you think your children will enjoy a certain craft, but it isn’t for their age range I would definitely say go for it!

Personally, I do think with the fact we can go out more now means that we probably wouldn’t set up a monthly subscription BUT you can purchase boxes on a 1 off basis, and we will 100% be ordering another box in the future (so I’ll be keeping my eyes open for any other crafts I think Grayson would like). If this sounds like something you children would like, then use our discount code to get 50% off your first box!

Thanks again to ToucanBox for giving us the chance to try out their boxes! You can read our other reviews and opinions here.

*Disclaimer* We were kindly gifted this product in return for a toucanbox review. However, all opinions within the post are completely our own. We also make a small percentage from any boxes purchased using our affiliate link.

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    • He loves it – checks it every morning to see them growing. Added pressure for us now, though, not to kill them!!


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