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I want to start by saying, that we will be discussing alcohol in this post and that you should only be drinking alcohol if you are of a legal age in your residing country, and to please remember to drink responsibly This is an honest review of some of the Independent Wine range.

Depending on how well you know us, you’ll know that we love nothing more than sitting in the evening and having a nice glass of wine or two. It’s something we’ve done since we first became a couple, and I imagine it’s something we’ll do for many years to come. So when we were given the chance by Independent Wine to try some wines that were different to our usual choices, we were very excited to say the least!

Independent Wine

The delivery time was quick (I believe we were made aware they had been sent out Sunday night and they were on our doorstep by Tuesday Morning) and the wines were securely packaged – so we were off to a flying start. We had received one bottle of white and one bottle of red, and both were not our usual choices BUT we were excited to try something new. As we knew they were coming, we also used it as an opportunity to have a nice meal together.

The first bottle we decided to try was the Fantasia Chardonnay, and whilst we usually tend to go for Sauvignon Blanc, we were still eager to see what we thought of this wine. We were both pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it, considering we wouldn’t normally choose Chardonnay for ourselves. It has notes of citrus, pear and melon; making it fruity and light, without being too dry. This is definitely the type of bottle we’d drink on a summer evening in the garden with some friends, and we probably will if lockdown is over in time. Although, we would have to purchase some more as we drank this after a few days!

The next night, I’d ordered some really dense chocolate brownies and decided to crack open the red. The red we were sent was a Recoleta which is a young Argentinian dry red wine, and honestly, we weren’t sure how we were going to get on with it. Typically we only ever drink white wine, we both just haven’t managed to find a red wine that we enjoyed. We both started with a very tentative sip, not expecting to like it. When we both turned to each other and went “wow, that’s really nice!” (I’m actually sitting with a small glass of the red whilst writing this post – so it must be good!).

On the Independent Wine website, the Recoleta is described as being designed to brighten the mood after a hard day at work – and I completely agree. It’s also made me feel more confident in trying other red wines (although, I still don’t think I’ll like any as much as this one, as the others I have tried usually give me headaches.)

Thank you so much once again to the team at Independent Wine for giving us the chance to try out some new wines, it was lovely finding some new bottles to enjoy and having a nice drink to enjoy together!

*DisclaimerWe were kindly gifted these products by Independent Wine in return for a review. However, all opinions within the post are completely our own. You can read more of our reviews and opinions here

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