Top ways of helping Your Child Become More Confident.

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Helping your child become more confident

Confidence is such an important trait for children and adults alike, as it helps us to overcome challenges, make new friends and take risks. However, it doesn’t come naturally to everyone; some children are shy and find it difficult to speak up in class or deal with certain social situations. With that said, it’s important for parents to help their children in whatever way they can to cultivate their
confidence. This is obviously easier said than done, which is why I have teamed up with a prep
school in the South West
, to offer you some guidance.

One of the best things you can do as a parent, to help your child become more confident, is to encourage them to stand on their own two feet as much as possible. Give them tasks and responsibilities that they have to deal with, without your support, so they learn that they are capable of anything they put their mind to. Helping them become more independent will ensure they are better equipped to cope with any challenging situations when you are not around to help them.

If your child struggles with social interactions, you could help them by suggesting some conversation
starters. Let them know that complimenting someone or asking them a question is a great way to
spark up a discussion. For instance, they could say “Hello, I really like your trainers, where did yo
get them from?”. Let your child know that when they’re chatting with someone, they should be
prepared to both speak and listen; after all, it’s rude to interrupt someone when they’re talking.

Try and surround your child with new experiences on a regular basis, whether that be meeting new
people, trying new foods, or visiting a different town. This will help them get used to experiencing
“the unknown”, which can often feel daunting at times. It might also be a good idea to encourage
your child to join an extra-curricular activity of some sort. This will help them learn new skills, which
will contribute to their confidence, and it will also encourage them to make friends with likeminded
people. Knowing that they have a support structure, not only in their home but also within their extra-curricular club, will help your child feel more secure.

It’s important not to be too hard on your child if things don’t go to plan. Try and focus on the good
rather than the bad. For instance, if they have tried really hard on a piece of schoolwork, only to receive low marks, focus on praising them for the effort they put in rather than reprimanding them for performing badly. Putting too much pressure on your child when it comes to things like their education will only make them feel insecure if they don’t do as well as you’d hoped.

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