How we deal with tantrums


Grayson will be 2 in April, which means he’s reached an age where he understands he can push boundaries and doesn’t always have to do what we tell him. However, although Grayson does have my temper (which was always my biggest concern when having children) we’ve learnt pretty quickly the …

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Goals for 2020.

We’re into the last 24 hours of the decade, and so it’s only fitting to have our last post of 2019 being all about our goals for 2020. Some are individual goals, and some are joint ones that we want to achieve. Blog more (joint goal). We aren’t actually that …

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Dads – We can do stuff too

Firstly, let me make this clear. This post isn’t aimed as a “feel sorry for Dads” post. I’m not like that, I’m not 10 and I’m not in a school playground. This is just a factual post about how life is being a (working) Dad. You know, there is such …

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