Wroxham Barns – Affordable Norfolk Days Out – Part 2

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In the second part of the Norfolk Days Out series – we’re talking about Wroxham Barns. Obviously, with Covid, things have changed a bit since our last visit here, so this post will hopefully answer some questions that you might have about visiting Wroxham Barns. This is not a paid review, ad, or gifted post – just an opinion of our recent visit.

Wroxham Barns

We’re big fans of this place, having taken Grayson several times. He really loves seeing the animals, shouting “HELLO ANIMALS, IT’S ME, GRAYSON”, like he’s expecting them to all stand to attention for him!

A bit about the place first. Wroxham Barns is primarily a farm – with a range of animals that you can feed and stroke as you walk around. Rabbits, Pigs, Donkeys, Goats, Guinea Pigs, Sheep, Ducks and so on. As you enter the park, you can purchase feed to use as you go around. Watch out though, the goats will grab the whole bag from your hands if they get the chance!

There’s a range of shops, and plenty of food and drink options. There’s also a big marquee outside, so you can bring a picnic and either seek shade, or shelter, based on the lovely UK weather that day!

They also have an amazing fairground area – aimed really at kids between 2 and 12, ish. Grayson absolutely loved this – there’s trains, tea cup style rides, air pillows to jump on, Golf and a sandpit / play area to name but a few. You really don’t need to worry about running out of things to do during the day, that’s for sure.

Covid Precautions

Wroxham Barns have this covered. They’ve introduced a one way system around the farm area. Whilst they don’t offer hand sanitiser in this section (because it can be dangerous for the animals), they do have plenty of hand washing stations with soap and water, so you can ensure you’re keep things clean. The fair ground section is well staffed, and as with Pettitts, they wipe down the rides after every use with antibacterial spray. The shops have good social distancing measures and signs in place. All in all, it’s business as usual – the softplay indoor section was closed of course, but other than that, you really can have an enjoyable day and feel safe whilst doing it.

Best time to go?

We went on a Sunday afternoon – and it was busy, but not overly so. With the new covid precautions in place, access is limited. You must book online before you visit to ensure that you can get in. You’ll have to pick an arrival time. Upon arrival, you’ll be given a wrist band, which allows you back in to the farm area again if you wanted to go around more than one.

Whilst there is the marquee I mentioned, the majority of the activities are outside – on a rainy day, you’ll want to make sure you’re well wrapped up from the elements. Likewise, in the summer sun, there isn’t much shade, so be sure to pack that sun cream 😉


Adult tickets are £10.50 each, which is very reasonable for the amount you get. You can easily spend the majority of your day here, as long as the weather allows it. Children under 2 are free. Unfortunately, there’s no intermediate level of ticket for children over 2, they’re classed as Adults and have to pay the full £10.50. It’s still a reasonable price, though. You must book online before you get there.


We adore Wroxham Barns – and Grayson does too (which is the most important thing!). He would have stayed for hours more if he could have. The ability to interact so closely with the animals, and to take your time walking around the farm is great, and the fair ground section just enhances the day so much more. If you’re lucky enough to live close by, or if you’re visiting Norfolk, I would strongly suggest that you book a visit in to Wroxham Barns.

You can find out more about Wroxham Barns on their website – and read more of our Norfolk Days Out series here.

4 thoughts on “Wroxham Barns – Affordable Norfolk Days Out – Part 2”

  1. Seems like they have a great system going for ensuring safety. From the pics I’ve seen of your visits on your Instagram page it looks like a fab day out.

    • We’ve been a couple of times before, and I’d say this last visit was the best we’ve had, which, all things considered, is good going! Absolute value for money, and very safe and clean

    • Cheers! You’re right, it’s very relaxing even with the fairground! We could have stayed for hours, but they close at 5 😂


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