New Tunes Tuesday – Week 2 – Public Service Broadcasting – Turn No More

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This weeks New Tunes Tuesday track comes courtesy of Public Service Broadcasting, and is called “Turn No More”. I’ll explain a bit about PSB first, then why I like this track (well, the whole album really, let’s be honest!)

New Tunes Tuesday – Public Service Broadcasting

These guys don’t sing on their tracks, but instead they create audio to accompany sound bites from public information films. It’s quite difficult to explain, but when you listen, it’ll make much more sense to you. Incredibly talented, these guys makes awesome music, “framing” historical events.

This song is from an album called “Every Valley” – an album which depicts the history of the mining industry in Wales – and the rise and fall of the countries coal mines.

As a kid, we used to holiday in Wales a fair amount – and would often venture to the old mines, and go on the trains that travelled through them. It’s something I still like to do now when I’m back in Wales. I also lived there for a large part of my life, I went to University at Aberystwyth, and then worked in Cardiff for a few years. Wales will always have a special place in my heart – somewhere I’d visit every weekend, if I could (and if it wasn’t a 6 hour drive away!)

And yet I love to wander

The early ways I went

And watch from doors and bridges

The hills and skies of Gwent

So when I first listened to “Every Valley” – I was just in awe at how the band had captured so much, err, welshness. I don’t know if that’s a thing, but to me, I can relate to every track, and each one brings back a different memory.

Turn No More” features the lead singer of the Manic Street Preachers (an incredibly good band, from, err, Wales, unsurprisingly), James Dean Bradfield – which simply adds to the quality of the song. I grew up loving the Manics, and still do to this day.

I really hope you enjoy listening to Public Service Broadcasting. Check out the other new tunes Tuesday posts for more music inspiration, and check out bands / artists such as Lemon Jelly, Django Django and British Sea Power for music similar to this.

You can also follow our New Tunes Tuesday playlist on Spotify, if you wanted a playlist of all the tracks we add over the coming weeks.

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