New Tunes Tuesday – Week 15 – Jeff Buckley

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This week, it’s a throwback to the early 90s for one of my all time favourite songs – “Lover, you should’ve come over” by Jeff Buckley

I’m not even sure how I first heard of Jeff Buckley – I think it was on the back of hearing Leonard Cohens “Hallelujah” in an episode of Scrubs, and searching around his work, and stumbling across Jeff Buckleys equally amazing cover of the same song. Then, I stumbled across this absolute gem, “Lover, you should’ve come over”, which is this weeks New Tunes Tuesday song.

I remember playing this on repeat when I was at Uni – I went through a phase of Buckley and Nick Drake, on repeat – and their music is still a firm favourite in my record collection to this day. I imagine I’d have been at the front of the queue for tickets to see Jeff Buckley if he was still around.

He’s also mentioned in one of my favourite films, Vanilla Sky; when Sofia asks David if he would rather listen to Jeff Buckley or Vikki Carr, he responds, “Both. Simultaneously.” As David leaves Sofia’s apartment, the music playing is the intro to Jeff Buckley’s song “Last Goodbye”.

Jeff Buckley – Lover, you should’ve come over

It’s from Buckleys only studio album, “Grace“, which is stunningly beautiful, and well worth an hour of your time to give it a listen. It also features a cover of “Lilac Wine” (based on the Nina Simone cover)

Too young to hold on
And too old to just break free and run

Jeff Buckley

In an all too familiar story, Jeff Buckley is no longer with us. After venturing for a swim (fully clothed) in a channel off the Mississippi River, Buckley vanished out of site in the wake of a passing boat – and was found some days after extensive searches. His death was attributed to accidental drowning – with the autopsy showing no signs of drugs or alcohol in his body at the time of death. A truly tragic end to a life.

Sometimes a man gets carried away
When he feels like he should be having his fun
Much too blind to see the damage he’s done
Sometimes a man must awake to find that, really,
He has no one

Jeff Buckley

I can’t emphasise just how much I adore this song – and similar to other artists, their loss is huge in the music industry – because the potential was there for us all to enjoy – so pieces such as “Grace”, we should embrace and treasure.

If you like this song from Jeff Buckley, why not check out similar artists such as Nick Drake, Rufus Wainwright, Katie Melua and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, to name but a few.

You can also follow our New Tunes Tuesday playlist on Spotify, if you wanted a playlist of all the tracks we add over the coming weeks, or check out previous new tunes Tuesday posts.

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