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*Disclaimer* We were kindly gifted this product by Lapland letters in return for an honest review of their product.

Lapland Letters

I think Christmas of 2020 is going to be one that we remember for years to come. Due to the pandemic it seems people will go one of 2 ways: they will either write-off this Christmas and this year all together and focus on getting through it, or they will go “might as well make Christmas one to remember this year”.

We are the latter.

Mark and I have been saying for months that we want to make this Christmas as magical for Grayson as we possibly can, not just because of the pandemic though. He’s at the prime age for understanding Christmas, and more specifically, Father Christmas. We did take him to see Father Christmas last year, and like a lot of kids he did cry. So we wanted to do something slightly different this year, that’s when we were contacted by Lapland Letters and asked if we would like to receive a specially tailored letter for Grayson.

On their website, you are able to choose from a variety of different letter templates (Santa’s good list, lockdown letter, don’t stop believing, just to name a few), which you then customise to suit your child/children. There are also a number of different add ons that you can choose from, just to make the delivery even more special than it already will be. We chose the ‘Santa’s good list’ letter for Grayson, as he is our good boy! We then had to include some more information, so that the letter was personalised for Grayson: e.g what gift he wanted from Father Christmas, his best friend and where we live.

The letter turned up less than a week later, and at first glance I was already impressed. I knew the contents would obviously be very festive and on brand, but even the envelope was on brand and made me feel excited – and it wasn’t even for me!

When we opened the envelope we had the letter, but they had very kindly sent Grayson some extras which he was very very excited for. As well as the letter, we received Mrs Claus cookie mix, a secret map showing Father Christmas’ route and also the bumper pack which included:

  • a good child certificate
  • an I spy Santa game
  • a colour in door hanger
  • a colour in Christmas card
  • a Santa ‘stop here’ poster
  • thank you Santa postcard
  • a Christmas countdown and Santa treat sheet.

Every single item included in the envelope is of a such high standard, they are all printed on thick quality paper so you don’t have to worry about the paper ripping or getting screwed up. My personal favourites are the letter itself and the good child certificate, it made me feel a bit emotional seeing Grayson so excited about having his own letter from Father Christmas and being told he was a good boy. I think it’s made all of us even more excited, and Grayson couldn’t stop going on about his letter from Father Christmas.

I’m going to put the letter and the certificate into his memory box, so that in years to come I can show them to him and I can then also pull them out each year as he grows up to retain some of the magic. I honestly couldn’t speak more highly of Lapland Letters and their whole team, they really try to keep the magic of Christmas alive, and absolutely succeed in doing so.

I will absolutely consider buying another letter for Grayson next year, because it’s been such a nice pre Christmas treat to receive. It starts to get you into the festive mood, and there really is nothing better than seeing your children so happy with receiving something from Father Christmas just for them.

You can check out our other reviews and opinions here – and visit the Lapland Letters website and get that special letter sorted for your kid(s)!

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