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Back when I started blogging in 2013, Blogmas was huge and I think every blogger that I followed did Blogmas or Vlogmas in one way or another. We’ve had The Stevenson Life for a number of years, but it’s not something we’ve ever attempted or even considered.

We also hadn’t planned on doing it this year, but after seeing a few people mention it over on Twitter I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to join in! We’ve also found because of how strange this year has been, with the pandemic, that we really want to throw ourselves into Christmas this year and make it even more special for Grayson than usual. I think Blogmas will really help with making us feel that bit more festive.

Blogmas 2020

This has taken months of planning and research, and I’ve had a note saved in my phone since August with different ideas on what I hope you’ll all like to read about. It’s also very different from when I last did Blogmas. I was 19 and living a very different life to the one I am now – 25, married and sharing a blog with my husband, and parents to a toddler. So the topics and things we talk about won’t be for everyone, but we plan on trying to cover a range of different areas to appeal to all different groups of people.

For those of you that don’t know what Blogmas is, it’s a post a day throughout the month of December. Some people choose to do the whole of December, or just up until Christmas. We’ve decided to do up until Christmas day, as I felt 25 posts was more than enough to try and plan! We will also include some non Blogmas posts, just for those of you that aren’t bothered by Christmas and the festive period (it isn’t for everyone, I know!).

So what can you expect over the next 24 days? Theres gift guides, recipes, crafts for toddlers, and so much more!


I can honestly say I’m really excited to give Blogmas a go again as I remember enjoying it a lot when I first tried it all those years ago. I was also never big on Christmas until I became a parent, Christmas is a whole different ball game when you become a parent. It’s not really about you anymore, it’s about the children and making it as special and magical for them as you possibly can.

I think for a lot of families it’s going to be a similar story this year, because the year has been so odd with lockdown and Covid, it’s a case of going “well why not go all out for Christmas, we could all use it“.

We’re getting a real tree this year (update, we’re not, we were going to, but lockdown 2.0 made us decide to just stick with the fake one!) and getting some new decorations. Grayson’s already so excited for Christmas, he understood the basics last year but is even more understanding this year. He’s still slightly terrified of Father Christmas, and hates the thought of him coming in to the house (which I do understand, because it is a bit weird we let a random man come into our homes) but he’s still excited for the presents and the rest of the fun activities we plan on trying to do.

If you want to keep up with what we’re doing through December on a more personal basis, then you can find us over on Instagram where we do frequent posts and daily Instagram stories. I’d also be really interested to see those of you that are doing Blogmas, so if you are please leave a comment below and we will check your posts out!

See you all tomorrow, for Blogmas – Day 2!

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