Why I’m Loving Function Of Beauty’s Natural Haircare Products

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Disclaimer – I was gifted these products in return for a review, but all thoughts included are my own.

Function of Beauty is a brand I’ve come across over the years and always looked at longingly because their products always look so beautiful and I love anything that is specifically tailored to my needs. In all honesty, I have a brain like a sieve and unless I write something down the minute I see it, I’ll forget what I’ve seen. So when an email landed in our inbox asking if I’d like to work with Function of Beauty, I had a flashback to all the ads I’d previously seen and replied as quickly as possible!

Function of Beauty

If you aren’t aware of who they are: Function of Beauty is a haircare brand (though they’re now branching into skincare!) that believe products should be individually tailored. All of their formulas are natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and free of any harsh ingredients you find in shop-bought shampoos( like sulfates, etc that actually damage your hair’s natural structure). They feel that 1 or 2 different formulas can’t possibly satisfy 8 billion people on the planet!

As I mentioned earlier, you tailor the products to be suited to your hair type and hair needs. So you get started by taking their hair quiz, which tells them a little bit about my hair and what I wanted from the products.

Once you’ve selected up to 5 hair goals, they then tailor your products even more by choosing the scent and the colour (I went for peach scent and pastel purple in colour). Then you select what products you want, and they have a number of different products other than shampoo and conditioner! Then you finish by naming your products (I went for Stevenson, obviously).

It’s worth noting that they are an American brand, and so the products can take a while to arrive back here in the UK. However, I was fully aware of this and it gave me something to look forward to! The website told me the expected delivery date, so there was no worrying if they’d got lost in the post as I knew when they should arrive. They actually ended up arriving a week or so earlier, which I was over the moon with.

Function of Beauty – Hair Mask, Shampoo and Conditioner, Leave in Conditioner and Hair Serum

At first glance, the products are absolutely gorgeous. They say to be aware that the colours can alter depending on your tailored mix, but this was exactly what I expected!
They also send you some stickers that you can use to customise your products, which obviously I had to use.

I’m now going to do a mini breakdown on each product (apologies for the long post, but I don’t want to miss anything!)

Shampoo and Conditioner

I love these products. I felt like they were so well suited to my hair type, and my hair is left feeling so clean and soft after using them (think how your hair feels after the hairdressers). I went for medium strength for the scent and it was really subtle but I loved catching the scent every now and again. I also found I could leave my hair 4-5 days and it still wasn’t greasy! Probably my favourite duo I’ve ever used.

Hair Mask

Again, I really liked this product. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and nourished afterward, and I would definitely recommend this if you want a luxury deep conditioner rather than a drugstore version. I have used very similar store-bought products in the past, but they didn’t leave my hair feeling nearly as luxurious as I feel after using this.

Leave in conditioner

This product is an intense conditioner, so it should only be used sparingly. I tried it a few times and it left my hair feeling really heavy and greasy after use – I think maybe I used it too often? But I know people that have loved this, so my plan next time is to just use a little bit on my ends, not on the roots.

Hair Serum

This is their most expensive product, but oh my goodness can I understand why. I ADORED this serum, my hair feels like silk after using it. I literally walk around just running my hands through my ends because my hair feels like what I imagine Rapunzel’s magic hair must feel like.

Function of Beauty also has a convenient subscription opinion that will deliver all of your hair goods on a schedule that works for you. It’s really flexible, so you can tweak your formulas, pause or cancel at any time. My hair feels so much healthier since I started using Function of Beauty.

Overall they aren’t the cheapest of products, BUT I feel they are definitely worth their price.  I also don’t mind spending a bit more when the brand is one that aims to be ethical, sustainable and clean.

UPDATE: Our friends at Function of Beauty are offering our readers a SPECIAL offer! Get 20% off your order now!

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