Stocking fillers for her – Blogmas – Day 6

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*Disclaimer* This post may include links to brands that we have previously worked with or gifted content, if this is the case I will be sure to clearly mention this or include an asterisk next to any brands or products.

Stocking fillers for her: So we’re on to Blogmas day 6, and the last stocking filler guide for the month (don’t you worry yourselves, there are gift guides coming up next!). This gift guide being for the women in your lives, whether that’s a girlfriend, wife or an older daughter that you think might appreciate some of the items included.

Stocking fillers for her

Stocking fillers for her

Beauty sets

Now when I say beauty sets, I’m including all areas: skin care, hair care, body care, make up. The whole lot! I personally love receiving a gift set, because it usually means that I can to try some different products that I might not have tried before.

As some of you may or may not be aware, I’m part of the Nivea Family and so I get to try out different products. More recently I’ve tried out some of their Christmas gift boxes, and my personal favourite was the soft skin treats gift set and have absolutely loved all of the products I’ve tried within the set. It’s also very affordable, so I would really recommend this. A few other skin care sets I’ve tried and love are The Ordinary The Balance Set and Origins Must Haves Set – both are brands that I really love.

If your other half isn’t in to skin care, a few hair care bundles I would recommend would be brands like Olaplex and Moroccan Oil that have different bundles that are great. Or if make up is more what the woman in your life is in to, I would recommend brands like Soap & Glory, Illamasqua and Eyeko . These are just a few brands that are brilliant for different selections of products.

The best plus with a beauty kit, is that you could individually wrap each present so they fit in the stockings and then there’s more to unwrap!

Bath Bombs

I’m aware some of these things may be very cliche, but they are things that I genuinely enjoy receiving but might not be for everyone! Bath Bombs or bath sets are something that I guarantee everyone has received at least one Christmas in their lives, and I’ve always loved them. So if someone you know is a big bath lover, then it’s definitely worth getting some for them. This is also a great product that you can find from independent shops and businesses.

Vari Cosmetics do a number of different bath bombs and sets that are beautiful or My Little Bath Shop, also have a massive variety of items to upgrade your bath experience.


So I know that not every girl is in to painting her nails, and there are also so many other options out there (gel, false nails, acrylics etc) but I personally find it quite relaxing to sit down and paint my nails in front of the telly. I’m very hand proud, which I’m aware sounds really weird, but I love having my hands look nice because it makes me feel nice. That obviously involves having my nails painted! However, if I want to sit in the living room and paint them then I don’t really have anywhere that I can sit and paint them properly as we don’t have a coffee table that I can lean on.

I was recently gifted a Nailpad which works a portable flat surface that you can paint your nails on when you don’t have one, but even better is that it has a little nail polish holder for if you really have no surfaces to put it on. This is such a simple but super handy gadget to have, and would be the perfect stocking filler!

Anything that lets off a scent

I realise how weird this may sound, but when I say this I mean things like candles, incense sticks or diffusers those types of things. Anything that leaves your home smelling amazing is always a great gift to give to anyone! This is again an area where you can really find some amazing small business that have some beautiful products.

I came across the brand Little More Candle Co and absolutely love how beautiful their candles are, but they also do a wide variety of other products. I also came across The Little Yorkshire Candle Company which also have some lovely looking products!


I personally love jewellery, it doesn’t have to be anything over the top and flashy (I actually prefer dainty pieces of jewellery). So there’s nothing I love more than a new necklace or bracelet at Christmas.

I was lucky enough to be gifted some Marc Mirren pieces earlier in the year and 6 months on I still wear them every day and they are still in brilliant condition. I have their konstellation ring which I absolutely adore and the Halo necklace .

I also follow a lovely lady named Domini on Instagram, who owns an independent Etsy shop called Avarez Handmade and she has some stunning pieces of jewellery – just look at this beautiful Blue Goldstone pendant!

Some other ideas

Hopefully this will have given you some good ideas, but if you still need some extra bits to add into the stocking I always appreciate face masks, face rollers are also a great addition. Next (the shop) sell some lovely travel sized perfumes which are great for going out and about! I’m also a big stationary fan, so some new pens and highlighters are always a welcome addition in my eyes!

That’s the last of our posts on stocking fillers, but fear not! There are still main gift guide posts to come – just for those of you that may need a bit of help still!

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