Stocking fillers for him – Blogmas – Day 5

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*Disclaimer* This post may include links to brands that we have previously worked with, if this is the case I will be sure to mention this and include a * next to the brands in question.

Happy Blogmas Day 5! Yesterday was stocking fillers for children, and today we’ve got stocking fillers for him! If you’ve got a man in your life (boyfriend, husband, flat/house mate etc) and you’re struggling to come up with gifts to include in their stockings, then hopefully this post will help you! This could also possibly work if you’ve got sons who are slightly older. So before I go on for too long, heres just a few ideas of things you could include.

Stocking fillers for him

Stocking fillers for him

Travel mug

I think between us, Mark and I have owned at least 5 travel mugs and this is just in the space of our relationship! A good travel mug can last years, and Bodum are one of the best for travel mugs as they have such a wide selection. With everyone trying to be a bit more echo friendly, a travel mug is always good to have on hand if you’re out and about and want a coffee rather than using the shops throw away cups. They’re also ideal if you’re ever doing any traveling. While Bodum have a number of different travel mugs (and other great products), their Joycup is a brilliant size and keeps both hot and cold drinks insulated.

Skin care / hair care / beard care

If anyone believes that a man shouldn’t look after his appearance and feel good within himself, then they are living in the dark ages! Men have just as much of a right to using products that make them look good AND feel good. I often add some skin care bits into Mark’s stocking to help bulk in out slightly. One brand that have great products on offer is *Raw Naturals. Mark worked with them on a gifted basis earlier in the year and tried out a few of their products, and I can honestly say how impressed he was with them.

Their made from high quality ingredients and do a range of really great products! Mark also likes Nivea products, and skin care is one thing that I do tend to go with bigger brands that I know Mark has used. However, there are so many great brands out there – so definitely worth checking out!


There are so many different puzzles out there, and not just ones made up of little pieces! They are such a good stocking filler, because let’s be honest, we all love having something physical to do on Christmas day as it takes us back to being children and getting a new toy. One I found that looks like great fun is from Find me a gift that you can insert money and gift cards into for the recipient to try and win, or if you prefer a classic wooden puzzle Jaques London have a number of different wooden puzzle games on offer.


If the man in your life has a particular type of alcohol that he likes (beer, whisky, wine etc), there are so many brands that offer stocking fillers. Brewdog have a box of 12 cans of 3 different beers, and it might give them a new variety of flavours to try! Theres also this whisky tasting set from Masters of Malt that has 5 different tasters to try. Obviously it goes without saying that theres nothing wrong with a drink, but we’re not encouraging you to go mental, but theres nothing wrong with a drink over Christmas.

Portable phone charger

Portable phone chargers are an absolute life saver in so many different situations, and I know Mark and I have gotten so much use out of ours. So this is definitely something worth including in a stocking (for anyone who has a phone really). This portable charger on Amazon has some of the best reviews , but if you want to buy via a different smaller company then its always worth shopping around. However, from personal experience its better to buy these types of things from bigger companies.

A few other ideas…

Obviously theres nothing wrong with adding in items like sweets or gum (I always add in enough multi packs of gum to last Mark a few months!) and other items like socks and pants. These are just some little ideas, but I hope it helps some of you! Tomorrow is the last stocking filler post of Blogmas, so stay tuned if you need some ideas for the lady in your life!

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