Gift guide for Him – Blogmas – Day 8

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Now this is a gift guide I can really get behind – Ladies, Men, if you’re looking for that perfect gift for the man in your life, then look no further! Ok, you might need to look further, these are a bit niche, but give it a read anyway!

Gift guide for Him

Whisky Glass Set

Whisky Glass Set

I’ve recently (well, since lockdown really) become a fan of Whisky. My good friend Phil got me on to a few trusty tipples, and the rest flowed from that. There’s not nicer than sitting down in the evening, chores done, feet up, nice Whisky in hand. Why not enhance that experience for the man in your life with a nice Whisky Glass Set. This set from VonHaus comes in a beautiful presentation case, and has 8 stainless steel “stones” – which you freeze – these allow the drink to chill (if that’s your thing) without diluting the tipple. A really nice addition for a Whisky fan.

Wrist Bands

No, not the Tennis Player head / wrist band type – I’m talking a whole new level to wrist band technology here – brace yourselves…..MAGNETIC WRIST BANDS. If your man is a keen DIY’er, then he’ll be all to familiar with the annoyance of not having enough hands to hold all the screws – and putting them in your pocket is just a surefire route to eventually sitting on them and getting an unpleasant surprise later in the day. These wrist bands on Amazon have magnets built in – your man can fix that fence panel or wobbly drain pipe safe in the knowledge that his beloved screws are only a few inches from his hands at any time. Genius. GENIUS!

Smart Watch

Gift guide for him
Withings Steel HR

I’m not talking the classic Apple watch here. For a few reasons – but mainly because I’ve tried the Apple Watch, and as swish as it looks, the practicalities of it for me meant that I often just ended up searching for my phone and using that. I simply ended up using my Apple Watch to tell the time with, or view a notification that prompted me to get my phone out – and at £300, it was an expensive piece of kit to do very little with. So, I give to you, the Withings Steel HR smart watch – which I have now been using (apart from 6 months when I switched to Apple), for nearly 3 years now.

The Withings Steel HR offers the simple tracking you’d expect from a smart watch – Heart Rate, steps, calories and so on. It shows notifications from your phone, and allows you to set times, log runs and exercise and configure alarms. The app on your phone, offers even more, such as Sleep analysis. The huge benefit of the Steel HR is that the battery life is INSANE. Apple Watch users are used to a nightly charge – the Withings Steel HR can go for days, 14 at least, without a charge. I can’t remember when I last charged mine.

The other good thing – is that it doesn’t break the bank, and it works on Android or Apple. A really nice addition for any tech-savvy man.

Kitchen Accessories

Hand Forged Ulu Knife

Is your Man a bit of a cook (or at least, want’s to be)? There’s some really nice kitchen tools around that will make cooking a real pleasure. First up, this gorgeous Hand Forged Ulu Knife over on This Is Why I’m Broke. Never under estimate the importance of a good, sharp, well made knife in the kitchen – and this is an amazing addition for any chefs Knife block.

Second up for the Kitchen, a good, heavy skillet. It’s an all round cooking utensil really – from Steaks to Cornbread. This one over on Season Cookshop is a great all rounder, and very reasonably priced, in the world of Skillets.

Finally, there’s no pointing trying to cook amazing food if you’re never really sure if it’s cooked properly! A good, reliable thermometer is a must have – and if you’re a perfectionist, then the ChefAlarm Cooking Thermometer and timer is what you’re looking for. Offering a range of features (as well as simply telling you your steak is cooked), it’s been designed for commercial kitchens, so you know it’s the bees knees.


Lego Creator – Old Trafford

We all used to love Lego, right? Here’s a secret, a lot of us still do! This Lego Ford Mustang set is a must for the car-loving man. With nearly 1500 pieces, it’ll certainly keep him busy throughout the Christmas Gooch (you know, that bit between Christmas and New Year). If Cars aren’t his thing, but Football is, then Lego also have the Creator range, featuring Football Stadiums such as Old Trafford

Electric Bike or Scooter

If (like me, hint hint!) your man is in to bike – then why not consider an e-bike. Obviously – these are a bit heavy on the budget – but he’ll be forever grateful I promise. This Trance X E+Pro 29 Mountain bike from Giant is an absolute thing of beauty – and will cut down the whinging you’d have to listen to from your man when he returns home from a hilly ride! The 2021 model is a gem – but costly. You’ll probably be able to pick up a 2020 model for cheaper.

Giant Trance X E+ PRO 29 2 Electric Bike

On a similar, but less adrenaline fuelled note – an Electric Scooter is a great bit of kit if your man has short journeys to do on a daily basis. I’ve considered one to get to the Gym and back, it’s too far to walk, and too close to make a drive worthwhile. I could bike, but I’d worry someone would steal it – so a scooter is small enough to bring inside and keep secure. Having used one when we were in Paris on our Honeymoon – I can confirm that they are great fun!

Other Ideas

There’s a whole load of other gift ideas that this list could contain. From Whisky / Gin / Vodka, to a nice aftershave (the Jo Malone range is amazing, but pricey). We’ll never frown at some new boxer shorts or socks, no matter how cliche they may seem – or if your man collects something like Vinyl, then a new addition to the collection would always be welcomed with open arms! Headphones are good, a good set of noise cancelling, excellent quality Bose headphones will last for years, so well worth the purchase price!

Syma X3 Drone

If he’s a bit of a gadget fan (most of us are), then check out the Syma X3 Drone – it’s an entry level Drone, so not going to break the bank, but it works brilliantly and is great fun. It comes with a 1080p camera on board, so you either fly it for fun, or get those amazing scenic shots from up above.

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