Favourite Christmas Pyjamas – Blogmas Day 14

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Theres nothing better than buying a new pair of pyjamas, especially at Christmas time as there are so many new options brought out. I love buying a new pair of pyjamas to wear for Christmas Eve and Christmas night, it’s the perfect occasion for a snuggly new pair. Although I haven’t bought myself or Mark any new pyjamas this year, I’ve got Grayson some for his Christmas Eve box and I can’t wait for him to put them on.

I thought I would do a few different options, for a wide range as there are some lovely matching pyjamas for families, but there are also some lovely sets for everyone to get into the festive spirit! So I shall get on with it now before I ramble on too much.

Christmas Pyjamas


There is nothing cuter than a tiny little baby in their first pair of Christmas pyjamas, and there are so many beautiful options out there. I absolutely adore this set from George, the little reindeers are so sweet. They also have this set, which are so so cute and they also come with the sweetest little plush toy.

If you’re after something more personalised, then this set from My 1st years is really lovely. Then there are your classical Christmas tartan, which is an all in one and would look so adorable in your Christmas pictures.


When I say Children, I’m counting pretty much anything from 1 onwards! Again, there are some really lovely options on offer for kids (they get some of the best bits of clothing don’t they?) If your kid is like Grayson and loves Julia Donaldson books and films, then they are always an amazing choice for some Christmas pyjamas. These aren’t necessarily ‘Christmas’ pyjamas, but they’re still so cute that I’d use them as Christmas pyjamas anyway. There is also this Stickman set which is just as nice!

I came across this set from Debenhams, and I love the little skiing gingerbread men. If you want something that comes with more than 1 option, theres this set from Next that is available from 9months to 8 years.


I actually found it quite difficult to find a lot of women’s Christmas pyjamas that I liked this year. So some of them are more festive than others, but all of them look super cozy. This set from John Lewis is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s the most expensive set included in this blogpost. So probably not the best if you’re looking for something cheap, but this is the type of set that I would personally wear for more than just Christmas!

If you’re on more of a budget, then maybe look at this set from Matalan. I love a pair of fitted pyjama bottoms, so these are right up my street and a fraction of the price. Or if you’re looking for something in between the 2 price ranges, there is this set from White Stuff which just screams Christmas to me.


The first option I’ve found for men, is a bit cliche BUT they look so comfy that I just had to include them. This pair from Matalan could easily be worn more than for just Christmas, but as I mentioned the quote on the top is a bit cringe.

I didn’t want to go for any sets that are overly novelty, as I find them a bit tacky. I also found this set from Jacamo that I feel sits in the area of ‘festive, but not tacky’. Lastly this set from M&S are probably the most festive, but without being too over the top.

Family sets

For those of you that might be after matching Christmas pyjamas, there are so many great options out there. This set from a store on Etsy are brilliant, they have the traditional tartan but the tops are personalised for your family. There is also this set that I came across, and while it isn’t as colourful as some of the other options out there, I really like them.

The last pair are slightly more of a novelty option, but I really like them! There from a company called Dimoo, and fairly priced for a pair of pyjamas to me. Especially if you’ve got a lot of people to be buying them for.

So there you have it, some pyjamas for a whole host of different people. If you find any others that you think people would love, please feel free to include them in the comment section!

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