Christmas Traditions- Blogmas Day 20

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This post actually perfectly coincides with a hashtag challenge I’m taking part in over on our Instagram, if you’re interested in finding out more check out littlepaperswan to see the challenge and her beautiful photos.

Today’s post was on Christmas traditions, and that’s what today’s blogpost is on as well. Every family has little traditions that they come up with, whether they’re passed down from generation to generation or whether they are created from new. It seems everyone has a tradition of some kind, so I thought we should write about ours!

Going to look at Christmas lights

This is something we’ve been doing properly since Grayson has been able to walk, but we did also used to take him in his pram to look at all the lights. Christmas lights are just so so magical, and they really put you into the Christmas spirit.

We try to get out and see Christmas lights in the week leading up to Christmas, and especially on Christmas Eve, as it really helps us feel like Christmas is on its way. If there aren’t many lights in our local area, then we’ll go to areas that we know have a lot of lights.

New Christmas pyjamas

I love getting a pair of festive pyjamas, there’s nothing quite like putting on a new pair of pjs on Christmas Eve. It’s also lovely being able to wearing matching sets, but I know that type of thing isn’t for everyone!

This year we haven’t got a matching set, but we have got Grayson a new set which I’ve included in his Christmas Eve box (a separate post will be coming on this very soon!). We’ve also done a post on Christmas pyjamas that you can read here.

A special Christmas book

One thing we’ve done since Grayson’s first Christmas is buy him a new book each year, that we can sit down and read before bed on Christmas Eve. Grayson has a book before bed every night as it is, so it’s just nice to have something a bit more festive to get him (and us) into the festive spirit.

This years is even more special, because it’s personalised for Grayson. I did a review on it, which you can read here, it’s such a sweet book and I can’t wait to snuggle down and read it for him.

Stockings in bed.

I’m not sure what most people do when it comes to stockings, but in our house we all sit in mine and Mark’s bed together and open our stockings before we’ve even gotten out of bed. It’s a really nice and relaxing start to the day, because Grayson sits in between us and is thankful for all the little presents (little does he know what’s waiting for him downstairs!).

These are just a few of the the traditions that we have currently, and I’m sure as Grayson gets older we might adapt these and hopefully we’ll add more into our Christmas’s as the years go on. I would love to know what traditions you and your families have, so please write them in the comments below! You can check out our other blogmas posts here, too.

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