Favourite Christmas Movies – Blogmas Day 19

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I’m putting this at the very start, and we can move on – Die Hard, for me, isn’t a Christmas movie! Maybe I need to re-watch it, maybe I’m too traditional, but it doesn’t make this list, sorry 😉 It’s a bit of a cliche list, but these are our go-to christmas movies.

Favourite Christmas Movies

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Favourite Christmas Movies

This, for me, is always one of the first movies I put on when the festive season arrives. I’ll be honest, I’ve normally watched it at least twice before December 1st hits. I remember getting this on VHS when it was released, as a birthday present from my Gran – and I was SO disappointed – I’d never heard of it before, and honestly thought it was the worst present ever. And then I watched it – and that was that. It’s class – oozes Christmas.


I can’t fault Elf on any level. I’ve a soft spot for Will Ferrell movies anyway – but this is another level. It’s childish, got a cracking festive soundtrack, an element of romance, a dash of festive hope and cheer, and Zooey Deschanel. You can’t ask for much more from a Christmas movie!


Probably not best to watch this with the kids around – I mean, it’s not scary as such, but there’s a few characters and moments that might give them some off-dreams! But it’s a great movie – Bill Murray plays a TV executive who is haunted by the three ghosts of Christmas. It’s got the traditional Dickens elements tied in to the story, mixed with a bit of darkness, comedy, and classic Bill Murray.

The Polar Express

Having a train-obsessed toddler means that the Polar Express is an absolute must at Christmas. Last year, we went on a real life Polar Express experience, where you go on a train and the characters sing and dance through the carriages. Grayson loved it, so this year when we said he could watch it, he asked us to get the ticket and bell from last years trip so he could hold them. Sweet.

It’s a great movie too – a bit dark at times – with the “hobo ghost” and the eery music ringing out around the North Pole – but other than – it’s a great watch!

Arthur Christmas

Another awesome Christmas movie – Arthur Christmas tells the story of a single gift that didn’t get delivered in time despite military precision delivery methods, and Arthurs mission to ensure that the present is delivered as not to ruin Christmas. With a cast such as Bill Nighy, James McAvoy, Jim Broadbent and Hugh Laurie – it really is one of the better festive movies!

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