Luxury hot chocolate recipe – Blogmas Day 24

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When I say luxury, there’s nothing in this recipe that’s expensive. So I don’t mean luxury in that sense, but more in the sense that this hot chocolate is ridiculously rich. We only really have this at Christmas because you really don’t need it throughout the whole of the year!

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What you’ll need.

So what you’ll need for this recipe is:

  • Hot chocolate powder
  • Milk
  • Vanilla extract
  • Nutella or some form of chocolate spread
  • Whipped cream
  • Any chocolate / toppings you want


Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

1. So for this recipe you’ll want to makes this in a saucepan on the hob. So I measure out the milk by putting it into the mug I’m going to use and pouring it into the saucepan, I always leave a gap at the top for whip cream.

2. I put the hob on a high heat and use a spoon or whisk to stir it. I then add in a teaspoon of vanilla extract and stir again. If you make this recipe and you find you want it sweeter, (why you’d want that I don’t know, because it’s so sugary already) then I would say add a teaspoon of sugar in at this point.

3. I turn the job down to a medium heat at this stage. I then measure in 3-4 heaped teaspoons of hot chocolate powder. My personal favourite is Cadbury’s, but any you have would work. Then stir this into the milk until it’s completely dissolved and there’s no lumps.

4. I then add in a big dollop of chocolate spread, again you can use any brand but Nutella is absolutely lush in this. I then mix it again until it’s all stirred through, this can take a bit of time, but just be patient with it.

5. If you have any chocolates, it can be nice to put a bit in the bottom of the cup so that it melts when the hot chocolate gets poured in. I used kinder, as we have a few small bars and I love kinder chocolate. I then pour the hot chocolate on top of this and give it all a stir.

6. If we have mini marshmallows, I’ll put them on top of hot chocolate before putting cream on as they turn into an extra gooey layer. I’ll then squirt the whip cream on and add some extras, this time I used the rest of the kinder chocolate and just shaved it on top.

And that’s it! Like I said, it’s a very sickly sweet recipe. It’s one that you can change and adapt a lot of the ingredients to suit you and your family. I hope you all enjoy this hot chocolate recipe!

Photo taken with Focos

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