The 2020 roundup.

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We did a similar post this time last year (if you’re interested, it can be found here) and so thought we would do a 2020 Roundup.

2020 has definitely been one of the hardest that we’ve personally ever known, and we never thought for a second when we were celebrating New Years last year that we would be living through a pandemic.

Compared to other families, we know we are incredibly lucky and so try not to complain too much and instead look at the positives we experienced this year. I know for everyone it’s not that easy, but it’s just what we personally try to do! So let’s get on with our 2020 Roundup.

2020 Roundup

Grayson turned 2.

Our beautiful little boy turned 2 years old, and because of the pandemic he technically got to celebrate twice. His birthday is in April, but we officially celebrated in June when we could see his family. He fills us with so much joy and love every day.

Our 1 year wedding anniversary.

We didn’t get to celebrate our wedding anniversary in the way that we might have hoped, but it was still a lovely day and we’re lucky that we had such a wonderful first year of marriage. Lockdown has only cemented our relationship.

Watching The Stevenson Life grow.

We started The Stevenson Life back in 2017, and this is the first year where we’ve really seen results from what we’re doing. We do this purely because we love and enjoy doing it, but to finally have some recognition is amazing.

Last year (2019) we got just under 4,000 views on our blog. We are ending 2020 with over 54,000 and have had some incredible opportunities thrown our way. We can’t believe how well this year has gone for our little blog, but we’re so proud and thankful that so many of you have been enjoying our content!

A PR event we were lucky enough to be invited to.

Really appreciating being able to go out.

Due to the pandemic this year we haven’t managed to do half of the things we would have normally done, such as go to Latitude or see live music. This has meant that when we’ve managed to go out, we’ve appreciated it even more. We’ve had beach days, zoo trips, we got to attend a PR event in London, and we managed to go out for my birthday in August.

Grayson started nursery.

This was a big one for us this year, we decided to send Grayson to a local nursery for a few hours a week. We thought he should start to develop relationships outside of the family, and start to prepare for school in a few years. Grayson is a very sensitive child, and it’s been really stressful at times. It has also been a positive to see how much joy he brings to other people.

Making new friends.

So I know ‘online’ friends aren’t for everyone, but during the pandemic and not being able to see anyone, it’s meant being online a lot more. We’ve both been incredibly lucky in meeting so many new and wonderful people.

We are part of the Dadvengers community, and have met so many people from different walks of life! We’ve also both made new friendships thanks to Instagram, and with some of them we know they’ll be friends for life!

New member of the family!

We decided that with how this year has been, we wanted to end the year on a high. We contacted our local RSPCA about adopting a new kitten, and we were blessed to be able to give our little Bella her forever home. She has settled in a dream, and we couldn’t imagine life without her!

2020 Roundup

As you can see from this 2020 Roundup, we’ve had some real positives here at the Stevenson Life during the last year. It’s been far from perfect, and we’ll be happy to see the back of it. We also know we’ve been incredibly lucky and can’t complain compared to the year some people have had.

We look forward to continuing this journey in 2021, and wish you all a happy new year!

4 thoughts on “The 2020 roundup.”

  1. It has been a wierd year and I am so thankful for getting to know you and Mark and can honestly say that you are friends for life. It has been great to follow your blog and read your posts. Happy New year to you Mark and G x

    • Ahh Cheers Eddie – likewise – getting to know you is like having a friend I’ve known for years! Roll on the day we can actually meet up and share a whisky or two!!


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