Morning Skincare Routine

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I’ve found as I’ve gotten older that I’ve got more and more into skincare and looking after my skin. I’m very lucky that my skin is pretty unproblematic, and the only real issue I get is a few spots when I’m on my period. So I like to try and keep my skin in a good condition if I can!

My morning bundle!

I don’t always use the same products, and do switch products up sometimes, but this is what I’m currently using and what’s working for me. I’m no skincare expert, so if you have a certain skin type then this may not work for you.

I start by using a small amount of the Boots botanical Clary Sage Cleanser, and massaging it into my face just to get rid of any sweat and dirt from the night before. I then use a small amount of the my face with the origins checks and balances frothy face wash and rising my face with warm water, and then cold water.

Once I’ve done this I’ll then use some Rose Water on my face as a toner, this brand is on Amazon and it’s less than £5 and it’s SO GOOD. I’ll definitely be repurchasing, it’s not harsh and my skin feels so clean afterwards.

I then apply this origins eye cream underneath my eyes, I read over on Caroline Hirons that you should apply eye cream before any of your other product so that it can really get into your eye skin (I can’t find the exact post), and that’s always stuck with me so I apply that before anything else. I’ll then spray the Mario Badescu aloe, cucumber and green tea facial spray all over my face just to freshen my skin for the day.

I then finish my skin off with the Origins ginzing energy boosting moisturiser all over my face and down my neck. I’ll then apply make up if it’s a weekday (I wrote a post about my daily make up routine, which can be found here) or just carry on with my day if it’s the weekend, as I don’t like to wear make up on the weekend.

This is what I’ve found is currently working for me in the morning, keep your eyes peeled for that one!

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