Our daily routine with a 21 month old.

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This is our first post of 2020, how exciting is that?! Hopefully this year will lead to many new blog posts for The Stevenson Life.

In the past we’ve done posts all about our morning routine and evening routine as a family of 3, but with myself being back in work and Grayson being nearly 2 our day to day routine is always evolving. I also find posts like this really interesting (which may be bland to some of you but hey, each to their own!), so let’s get started.

6.30am – 8am

My alarm will go off, and this is so that I measure my basal temperature (I’m currently doing fertility awareness, which you can read about here) and this will usually prompt Grayson to wake up, or he’ll start to wake up between this time. We’ll then put CBeebies on our telly in our room and just have a cuddle for a while. Mark will get up and get ready for work and then we’ll all go downstairs for breakfast.

8am – 10am

Mark will make us both a coffee and himself some breakfast (I can’t eat early in the morning) while I make Grayson some breakfast and get his morning milk ready. His favourite breakfasts are weetabix and porridge, so I tend to alternate between the 2 and add different toppings so he doesn’t get bored. While Grayson is eating his breakfast, Mark will go upstairs to start work and I’ll make Grayson most of his lunch for that day.

After Grayson is done we then go through to the living room and he’ll have his milk while I have my coffee. Grayson is obsessed with his wooden train set at the moment, so after I’ve finished my coffee I usually have to set up a track for him to play with. He’ll also start making me some breakfast in his little kitchen (thoughtful I know). I’ll usually put some music on or something on in the background, just so I don’t have to listen to any of Graysons noisy toys. Somewhere in this time we’ll go and brush our teeth together and I’ll get him dressed for the day.

10am – 11:30am

I’ll then take Grayson up for a nap, he’s reaching a stage where he no longer wants to nap but most days he will still sleep and it can be anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour or over. While he’s asleep I’ll get myself ready for work, and then I’ll just sit on my phone for a little bit while he’s asleep.

Once he’s awake his grandparents will usually have arrived, we’re very lucky that we don’t have to use any forms of childcare other than our parents at the moment. This is lovely for everyone involved, and especially Grayson as he loves his grandparents. However, if it’s a Tuesday this is his daddy day where Mark takes time off work to look after him while I go to work. I’ll then walk to my office to start my afternoon at work.

12pm – 5pm

I start work at midday, so I’ll usually bring some snacks and some water with me and just get started with whatever is on my to do list or whatever I’ve been asked to do when I get in. I work for a local charity doing administration work, so there’s always plenty to do but I love it!

Between 12 and 1 is when Grayson will have his lunch, I pre prepare most of this for whoever is looking after him that day and so the only thing they have to do is toast for him. This is also around the time Mark will go to the gym, which he tends to do in his lunch hour.

Mark will then work normally for the rest of the day, unless he has to work longer for whatever reason and let the grandparents off their shift for the day! I finish at 5, and so I start to make my way home to see my boys!

5:15pm – 7(ish) pm

Once I get home we either sit down to eat, if Mark has already done dinner, or we will be getting ready to eat for around half 5ish at the very latest. We tend to sit at the dinner table most days, but there is the occasional time where Grayson will be allowed his dinner in the living room (usually because Mark and I want a takeaway). After we’ve had dinner and tidied things away, we’ll sit down to watch the bed time hour on CBeebies and play with Grayson’s toys. When it gets to about 7pm we’ll get Grayson’s room ready for him to go to bed and get his milk warmed up and run a bath for him.

Once Grayson’s bathed and brushed his teeth well take him upstairs and put him in his nappy and his pyjamas. We’ll take him to his own bed and one of us will sit with him and give him his milk while he falls asleep.

7:30pm – 10:30pm

Once Grayson is settled and asleep in his bed we’ll tend to down and watch whatever series we’re watching at that time. Sometimes Mark will end up working on his laptop, and I’ll sit and write some blog posts or read. Around 10 we start getting ready for bed ourselves and then we’ll get into bed and go to sleep, and wait for Grayson to wake up and ask to come in to bed with us.

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