Making your house a home

Your home is a place to put your stamp on it. Yes, guests come to visit, and you may have friends and family stay over, and they may all have different tastes. However, when it comes to actually living in your home, you’re the one who’s living in it for …

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Our morning routine

I wrote about our evening routine a while back (the post can be found here, if you’re interested). So I thought I’d write a post about our morning routine, as it’s differed slightly since I’ve gone back to work. Grayson has been sleeping a lot better since he’s gotten his …

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Our relocation story.

After Mark and I had ‘officially’ been together a month or so, he was approached by an old work colleague, and discussions were had about an opening that had arisen. Mark was very excited by this, and I also encouraged him as I knew it would be something that he …

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