18 months of Grayson.

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I’ve been Grayson’s mum for 18 full months, and my god have they been an incredible 18 months.

He’s come so far, from being this little flakey 8 pound 4 baby to an absolute giant of a toddler. He just amazes us more and more every day and my heart just swells with love whenever I look at him.

He loves reading and playing with stickers and drawing with his crayons, he’s obsessed with building things with his bricks and then taking them apart again. He loves blowing bubbles, and loves to dance to all different types of music (Billie Eilish and Lizzo are 2 of his favourites).

Trolls is still his favourite film, but he’s starting to love coco again and if he’s not asking for them he’s asking for “Tee and Mo”.

We’re in a fussy stage with food at the moment, but we’re slowly coming out the other side (thank god) and in typical toddler form, he just wants whatever we have.

He is such a chatty little boy, and will happily talk away about anything and everything. I think at the moment we’re essentially getting a new word a week. I’m constantly in awe of how clever and switched on he is, he’s so aware of the world around him and will take everything around him in. It’s incredible to watch such a little being be so clued up beyond his years.

He still doesn’t sleep through the night in his own bed, but when a child is that bloody beautiful, you can’t be angry at him.

He’s such a mix of Mark and I. He’s very patient and likes to understand how things work, just like his daddy. He is also very stubborn and sassy and a huge drama queen, like his mummy. He’s the perfect mix of the 2 of us and I adore his ever developing personality.

He loves going on walks and adventures and he has the most infectious laugh, and is just an incredible little boy. He brings so much joy to those around him. He can be frustrating, like all children can be, but he is such a joy to be around that any frustration disappears as soon as it’s arrived.

Being his mama for these 18 months has been such a privilege, and I know that he’ll grow into such a kind, caring, funny and smart little boy (as well as being hella handsome if I do say so myself).

I can’t wait to watch him grow and see the person he becomes, because if the last 18 months are anything to go off of, the next few years are going to be incredible and I can’t wait.

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