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I wrote about our evening routine a while back (the post can be found here, if you’re interested). So I thought I’d write a post about our morning routine, as it’s differed slightly since I’ve gone back to work.

Grayson has been sleeping a lot better since he’s gotten his big boy bed, but he’s still waking up around 3amish and so one of us will usually go and lay with him (and fall asleep) for the remaining hours. He’ll then wake up around half 6 – 7, and we’ll all lay in our bed and have a cuddle and watch some telly and just enjoy being together.

Mark will then get up to have a shower, so Grayson and I will sit in bed and have a little chat and then we’ll change his bum and take him downstairs for breakfast. Usually breakfast is either porridge or Weetabix, with some fruit and a bit of honey. I’ll usually leave Grayson to feed himself while I make up his lunch box and his morning milk bottle.

By this time Mark will have started work (usually it’s just before this) and so Grayson and I will go through to the living room and sit on the sofa while I drink my coffee and Grayson will drink his milk. We’ll then brush our teeth and play for an hour or so, this could be anything from reading to building with his blocks or colouring or anything else he wants to do.

Around half 9, I’ll take Grayson up to his room and we’ll lay down and have a cuddle and once he’s fallen asleep I’ll go and get myself ready for work. He isn’t napping a huge amount at the moment, so he usually wakes up just as I’ve finished getting ready. We then sit in his room and read his books and I’ll persuade him downstairs to have a snack.

I’ll usually put on Cbeebies or Trolls in the background whilst he’s playing just incase he needs extra distracting while I’m getting my bag ready for work, and his bag ready for the day with his grandparents. It’s around half 11 that his grandparents will turn up and I’ll be going to work to start at mid-day.

It’s a pretty average routine, but it works for us with Mark working from home and myself working part time, and as long as we’re all happy and healthy, then we’ll keep it that way for now!

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