My First Spin class

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I’ve never been big on exercise, in the past I’ve joined the gym on a few occasions and ended up quitting after a month or so. I got into Pilates a few years back, and had to stop the classes as I moved away from the area (if you read our 2020 Goals post you’ll know this is actually something I want to start up again).

However, spin classes have always been something that I’ve wanted to try. I like the idea of a high intensity session in a short burst, so that I feel the benefits but it’s something I can do once a week. I’ve just never gotten round to giving it a go.

We were discussing New Years resolutions at work a few weeks back, and got on to the subject of exercise. My friend mentioned that she’d always wanted to try a spin class, but never got round to doing it and also didn’t want to go alone. So we decided we’d go together, as we were both interested in giving it a go and thought it would be a laugh to go together – it was perfect for us!

We looked around a few of our local gyms and noticed that one in particular did a class at 9am on a Saturday morning, which was great because it meant we still had the whole of Saturday and it was only 45 minutes so I didn’t feel bad for leaving Grayson for that time. So we booked it, not hugely knowing what to expect.

Then Saturday arrived.

We got to the gym 10 minutes before the class, just so we could make sure that we could get a good space and set up the bikes to be as comfortable as possible. When we got into the room it was pretty much pitch black, other than a spotlight at the front for the instructor. Thankfully there were 2 bikes left at the back which we claimed as quickly as we could.

Just before the class started, the instructor asked if anyone was new and I very quickly put my hand up. She came over and explained all about the class, but told us to go at our own pace, especially as it was our first time. She explained how the bikes worked, and certain terms that she used, and ended by telling us to enjoy ourselves.

We got on to the bikes and then music started blasting through the speakers in the room, strobe lights started going off and the class started. It was hard. Extremely hard, but it was also extremely enjoyable and satisfying. When we finished I felt like I’d actually worked out (which for me is a huge achievement as I get out of breathe going up the stairs).

The instructor came over and asked us how we’d gotten on and had we enjoyed it, she also asked “would you do it again?”

And we both said yes! It was so different to anything I’d done before, but I loved it and really felt like it had set me up for my Saturday. So we plan on going again!

If it’s something you’re interested in then I’d say you should definitely take the plunge. Here are some important things to remember though:

  • If you feel anxious or worried about going by yourself, take a friend with you. It’s even better to take someone who is at a similar fitness level, just so that you can enjoy yourselves and not worry about having to take it too seriously.
  • Bring a water bottle, because even though this may seem like common sense it’s really important to stay hydrated – especially if it’s your first time.
  • My friend and I both said the worst thing about it was the seats on the bikes, they were so uncomfortable. But the instructor told us at the end that after a few sessions we would be use to it, so if you feel like your bum is bruised, you’ll be fine!
  • It’s important to push yourself, but it’s also important that if you feel like you really can’t do something that you don’t have to do it. I stopped on a few occasions to have some water and a breather, I didn’t always put my resistance up as much as the instructor said to and I didn’t always do the moves she told me to. It was my first time, and I wanted to push myself but I didn’t want to injure myself and it’s important to remember that there’s no shame in being new to something.

I’m excited for my next class, and to try and improve my physical health!

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