Goals for 2020.

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We’re into the last 24 hours of the decade, and so it’s only fitting to have our last post of 2019 being all about our goals for 2020. Some are individual goals, and some are joint ones that we want to achieve.

Blog more (joint goal).

We aren’t actually that bad with posting currently, and we’re at a standard of 2-3 posts per week which works really well for us. However, it’s always good to want to better yourselves!

Get back into photography (Mark).

Mark was (and still is) a very good photographer, but with life getting in the way it meant that he just didn’t have the time anymore and sold all his camera equipment. However, he now has a better camera and Grayson’s at an age where its much easier to go out and do things – making photography that bit easier!

Start pilates again (Ashleigh).

I did pilates for a while a few years ago, and I found it really helped with my anxiety but it was also a form of exercise that I didn’t mind doing. So whether that involves going to a class, or finding something online I’d definitely like to take it up again.

Get Grayson to sleep through the night in his own bed (joint goal).

Grayson has never been one for sleeping through the night, unless he’s in our bed with us. Although we don’t mind this, as he does start the night off in his bed (and then comes into ours) it would be nice if he would eventually sleep through in his own room. This isn’t a big deal for us though, and I enjoy the cuddles with both my boys so I’ll never complain.

Keep going to the gym (Mark).

Mark has been going to the gym for the last few months, and has found its greatly improved his physical and mental health (you can read more about that here). He’s been doing so well, and when I asked what goals he had for next year this was his top one.

Read more (Ashleigh).

I adore reading, and I’d quite happily sit and read a book in the evenings. After work and after we’ve put Grayson to bed, I just end up sitting and either blogging or we’ll watch something together which I enjoy. However, I’d like to have a few evenings where I get back into my reading.

What goals do you have for 2020?

5 thoughts on “Goals for 2020.”

  1. You both have some very good goals. I have had a Nikon camera before and stand, but I went back to a smaller zoom camera, with me not making full use of it after some time and then hardly taking photos now.
    It’s surprising though what a cameraphone can do. I know my friend has took some good photos in the past that were very good.

    Pilates is something I have done for years, but stopped because I couldn’t afford the classes. I sometimes do certain poses in the evening, before bed, to stretch and relax me, as it was to keep me from having pulled muscles in the groin area for the reason I started doing them. I need to do it more than I do at home.

    I like Tai Chi as well and got back into it, after trying out some dvds. But last year with things that went on, I seemed to stopped it. I need to get those dvds back on,because I feel good after doing them and relaxed.

    I’ve got other long and short term goals, which I have a post that will air in a couple of days, revealing a whiteboard I have bought and what I have on it, to hopefully motivate me on any difficult days I may have. On there, short goals are more day trips this year than I have done before. The aim for something to look forward to, while the long term is I would like to buy a house,which I have wanted to do for sometime.

    • Phone cameras are definitely much better than they used to be, but there’s something great about holding a physical camera in your hand and using it.

      I’m hoping to start Pilates up again soon, as there’s a lot of really good videos online now for free. I’m starting a spin class this weekend, so might have to hold off on the Pilates for now!

      It’s always good to have a mixture of goals, you should get a National trust membership it helps us get out to new places so much and fingers crossed you manage to buy your dream home!

      • Yes, I agree there is nothing like a physical camera. Physical camera would always overide my phone. Especially if I think I am going to print it out. Printing photos doesn’t happen often for me though. But with going to a couple of new places this year, I can see my camera coming out.

        I hope in 2 years I end up with the money I would like to have for a deposit. But realistically it more likely be 3. I am saving with determination and shall see what happens; whether I still lucky and considering to buy, or moving elsewhere privately rented. Unless I am lucky with a council property. But as I am Band 5 for that, then I would be extremely lucky if I got the chance for a property I bid on.


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