How to deal with anxiety in the workplace.

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Having suffered from Generalised Anxiety Disorder for a number of years now, I’ve experienced living with it in a number of different situations and also in a number of different work places. When you suffer from a mental illness it can be difficult functioning sometimes in ways that you normally would, and I’ve found when I’m suffering from a particularly bad bout of anxiety, working as I normally would can be a struggle.

However, having worked in a number of different work places I now have a few different options and items that I’ve found can help me to ease some of the anxiety. Obviously, this won’t work for everyone and again it does depend on the type of place you work in but hopefully you’ll pick something that could possibly help you.

Fidget Cube

I initially bought my fidget cube to help with my dermatillomania but I also find if I’m fidgeting because of my anxiety, that flipping the switch or pressing the buttons helps me focus on something else. I bought this fidget cube off of Amazon.

Taking a few minutes to myself

If I’m feeling particularly anxious and I’m feeling sick and breathless, I tend to go to the toilet and just take a few deep breathes and clear my mind. I find just closing my eyes and trying to rationalise the anxiety I’m feeling tends to bring me down of a ledge, so to speak.

Pulse point roller

I find using a roller on pulse points and taking a few deep breaths can calm me down sometimes, and although I’ve found a lot of them pretty useless in terms of scents, I’ve found this particular one from This Works is really good. They say it’s specifically to help with sleep, so maybe that’s why I find it so helpful to chill me out.


Tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a new method I’ve been trying to relieve anxiety. By tapping on particular points on your body, it’s supposed to tell your body that you are safe and help relax you. I’m no expert, so if you’re interested, it’s definitely worth looking into. I use the TappingSolutions app which can be found in the Apple AppStore and Google Play, it’s also free. I’ve found tapping on particular points and reciting my setup phrase can help me for a short space of time.

These don’t always work, and when they do it isn’t necessarily a long term solution, but I do find that it does help me to relax enough that I can carry on with my day. So hopefully if you find you struggle at work sometimes, one of these methods might work for you!

Do you have any items or actions that help you calm down?

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