Stocking Fillers for Children – Blogmas – Day 4

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For Day 4 of Blogmas, I thought I would do a brief gift guide on items you could include as Stocking Fillers for Children. These are the types of things that will be in Grayson’s stocking, so are more suitable for toddlers but some of the ideas might work for different ages! So here are are, Day 4, and our suggestions for Stocking Fillers for Children.

Stocking Fillers for Children

Stocking Fillers for Children


One gift that can have endless possibilities is flashcards. I bought Grayson 2 sets for his birthday (a random selection of words/pictures and a shapes set) and they went down an absolute treat! You can use them in a number of ways, and as your children grow you can find different uses for them. For Grayson I would lay them all out and ask him to find certain cards e.g green triangle, and it’s been great in helping him learn new words but he also now knows different colours, shapes and other words that he didn’t know before.

As he gets older and can read better, on the opposite side of the flash cards they remove the pictures and it is just a case of reading the words displayed. As I said, there are so many different options on how they can be used! You can also buy so many variations, I’ve recently seen some flashcards with different emotions on which looked absolutely brilliant. I’ve seen some beautiful sets made by Little Bear and Friends Apparel and Little Letterbox Learning, but there are plenty of places that have a variety of flashcards on offer.

Excavation kits

These are usually made for slightly older children, but Grayson really enjoys these and I always stay with him so I tend to ignore the ages for a lot of toys (just my personally preference of course!). I found a small dinosaur excavation kit in one of our local shops, and as this was something we had done previously and he really enjoyed it, so I decided to get him a few more. They weren’t too expensive (a couple of pounds each) and they keep him entertained for periods of time so I thought they would be a great stocking filler. They’re also great because you can talk to your kids about dinosaurs, I don’t go into too much detail but just start to explain the basics to Grayson – because children are like sponges!

I can’t find the specific ones that I bought for Grayson, but I found something very similar on Rex London which looks just as good (if not better!).

Water colouring book

Grayson loves painting, but can lose interest quite quickly and the same goes for things like colouring. So I thought a water colouring book would keep him entertained, even if it’s just for 5 minutes! There are loads of variations of these books online and in shops, but this one from Precious Little One is probably the most similar to the one we have gotten for Grayson.

Toy vehicles

Anyone that knows Grayson will know the kid is obsessed with trains and cars, it doesn’t matter what they are made out of or what they look like. If they have wheels and they move then Grayson is in his element. So we always get a few little wooden cars or trains to stick in his stocking as we know how happy they’ll make him (even if our house is just one giant toy garage).

I personally prefer cars made out of wood, just because I feel they are more sturdy and will last longer. The ones that we got him had been found in a number of different shops in our local town, but I found a set on Hema that are really cute and have a variety of different vehicles (I use Hema A LOT for gifts for Grayson, so I would definitely recommend checking them out).

Magnetic fishing game

I’ve seen loads of kids with these in the past, but hadn’t really considered getting one for Grayson. Then I spotted a little tin set in our local Tiger store and decided to pick one up for him. They’re supposed to be really good for developing concentration and dexterity, but I think Grayson will also find someway to use his imagination and make up a new game for us to play with them.

This is a slightly bigger version of the one that we’ve bought for Grayson, but if it’s too big and won’t fit in your stockings then there are different sizes available from plenty of different stores.

A few other ideas…

These are just some of the bigger stocking presents Grayson is getting this year. Some other ideas could also packs of stickers, bubbles, small musical instruments, kaleidoscope, we’ve also got Grayson some small wooden dolls for his dolls house, but you could get a set of small dolls from their favourite TV show. There are so many amazing businesses that offer great products for stocking fillers for children of all ages!

I hope this guide on Stocking Fillers for Children has been helpful for any of you that might have been struggling with stocking ideas for kids! Tomorrow’s Blogmas post is all about stocking ideas for men, so those of you that are struggling with the man in your life, stay tuned! We’re also going to get all the stocking and gift guides up first for those of you that may need idea’s sooner rather than later!

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  1. Some fab suggestions dudette. I’m going to get some flash cards for Charlotte after Christmas so will definitely check out some of these you linked to. We have had a few excavation sets for the girls and they are great, so much fun.


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