What’s in our toddlers Christmas Eve box – Blogmas Day 22.

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Previously I’ve never actually done a Christmas Eve box for Grayson, but because of how this year has panned out Covid and the pandemic, I really wanted to make it as special as I could.

When I saw this lovely Christmas Eve box in Home Bargains (I actually saw it online and asked Mark to pick it up for me), I decided to do one for him this year! I love this box because it’s one that can be put away and reused in following years. There are so many different ones available online, I’d definitely recommend having a shop around.

So I’ve picked up little bits and pieces for Grayson’s box over the months, and while there’s not a huge amount in there and it’s not of any real value, I just think it’s a really lovely little extra bit of magic for Christmas for him this year. So this is what he has in his.

Christmas Eve box

Some new Christmas pyjamas.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I love getting Grayson a new set of Christmas pyjamas to wear on Christmas Eve and Christmas night. I spotted this pair in Primark in the girls section (because apparently boys can’t wear Christmas pj’s) and thought they were lovely.

Reindeer cuddly toy.

I saw this sweet little guy as I was waiting at the checkout at Primark to buy the pyjamas. I’m also very aware that Grayson already has a hoard of cuddly toys, but it was only a pound or 2 and I couldn’t resist.

They did also have a few other characters, but I really liked the reindeer. For Grayson, totally not for myself…

A Father Christmas glass mug.

Grayson is 3 in April, and while I wouldn’t normally trust him with anything glass, I saw this and thought he’d love it for Christmas dinner. Although, I imagine he’ll open it on Christmas Eve and want to use it straight away. It comes with a little reusable straw that you can stick in the hole in the top and it’s also dishwasher proof. I can’t remember where I got it from unfortunately (possibly Home Bargains… yes there is a theme here with where things were bought!).

A kinder chocolate.

I thought the kinder chocolate would be a nice after dinner treat for Grayson on Christmas Eve, and the fact that it’s festively wrapped just made it even better. Grayson doesn’t have chocolate a huge amount, but when he does have it we usually give him Kinder so I wanted to stick with something that he’d know! I also feel he’s still a bit young for chocolate coins, so I felt this was the next best thing.

Santa tile mosaic activity sheet.

Grayson recently had one of these sticky tile / mosaic sheets to do, and he really enjoyed it. He loves stickers, and he loved the fact that he had to match the colours of the stickers up to the tiles on the sheet.

I didn’t want to get anything too over the top, as I plan on giving him this in the evening. So it will just be a nice little activity for us to sit and do together before bed time. I think this was something that I purchased from amazon a few months back!

Plate, reindeer food and Christmas cookie set

I saw this little set in home bargains (I did say there was a theme!) and put it straight into the basket. Grayson understands more about Father Christmas this year, and leaving some food out for him and his reindeers. So this was the perfect set, and I think it’ll make him really excited.

There are plenty of small businesses that do even prettier sets, so I would definitely recommend having a look around and seeing what’s in offer.

Christmas book

We were recently sent this beautiful personalised book for Grayson (you can read the review here) and I planned on using it as his special Christmas Eve book the moment I received it. The drawing are based off of your children’s looks, and the story itself is so sweet.

If you wanted anymore ideas there’s so many different options online of different things that people include in Christmas Eve boxes! Like I said, you can also find a lot of really beautiful products from small independent businesses.

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