Christmas Wishes – an open letter to 2020 – Blogmas Day 21

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This might sound a bit cheesy, but 2020 has been a stinker of a year – and I wanted to write something that might offer a bit of comfort and solace for people when, quite frankly, it’s all a bit crap right now!

Hey 2020!

We knew you’d be a bit naff – you arrived with the weight of Brexit on your back – and we were preparing for that to hit us hard. Instead, you plucked a damn pandemic out of thin air and threw everyones life in to a spiralling whirlwind of isolation, social distancing and face masks – thanks.

Of course, we had no idea what would happen – none of us had experienced this before in our lifetimes. We were promised “normality” for Christmas – and in August and September, it looked good – things were on the up (or down, in terms of numbers), and we were able to see a select group of friends and family.

And then it hit, lockdown 2, numbers through the roof – mental health for so many down the pan and very much in the gutter.

With Christmas fast approaching – it soon became apparent that things really weren’t going to be as we’d hoped. So many of us made plans for the 5 days of “freedom” we’d be allowed, again to have them ripped away from under our feet just a few days before they were meant to begin. A glimmer of hope blacked out by the virus and its grip on the nation.

You’ve been a bit of a shitter, if I’m honest. But, please, just for Christmas – help us all out a little bit.

For those who had plans to see family that they may have not seen since Christmas 2019 – help them find a moment of comfort via (another) Zoom call – where families can share a festive moment together and raise a glass to one another, to supporting each other, and to nod to those who are sadly no longer with us. To maybe even allow that moment of sadness, of release, that undoubtedly many of us really do need right now.

For those who will now be alone at Christmas – a solitary Christmas dinner is no ones idea of fun. Let’s hope that we can reach out and support those people who really are in need – yes, Christmas is “only one day” – I’ve been guilty of saying that a lot recently, but for so many, it’s that one day where they might just feel slightly less alone. Slightly less lost. Just maybe, you can offer some sense of support and comfort for these people on Christmas day – a chat through the window from a neighbour, a phone call from a relative, just something, something to make sure that no one is alone.

For those parents who may share parental duties – who now won’t be able to see their children on Christmas day – who won’t be there for the opening of the presents or the pulling of crackers. Just maybe, 2020, you could help these people find the strength to get through yet another difficult situation, for themselves, for their kids, for each other. It really shouldn’t be like this.

For those who are working in our “key worker” roles – who probably won’t even really appreciate its Christmas at all. Our NHS is going to be (and is) under an immense strain at the moment – and many workers won’t have the time off to regroup and relax on Christmas day. Let’s hope that when they do eventually get a break, that they can feel appreciated, and thanked for all that they’ve had to do this year.

And finally, for those who have lost someone in 2020, maybe even from Covid. I can’t even begin to imagine how these people are feeling – not being able to grieve with others – having to handle that process alone for many, and without the support that you simply shouldn’t be without at such a time. Just let these people know that they’re being thought of – it might make a huge difference to their first Christmas without a loved one around.

We’ve all been on a rollercoaster this year – and Christmas 2020 is looking like it won’t ease up on the struggles. So please, 2020, help people find the strength to get through this – to support and reach out to help each other – to ask the question “how are you doing?” or “can I help at all?”.

To simply help people find the smallest piece of Christmas comfort. I don’t think that’s asking too much, all things considered, right 2020?

In all seriousness – I really hope that everyone manages to find some level of comfort and normality this christmas – my only single wish as that people stay safe and reach out to support each other in whatever way their “tier” allows. We’re planning a proper review of 2020 in a later post after Christmas, so watch out for that if you want to read our personal thoughts on the year that none of us will ever forget. If you’re feeling lost, worried, lonely, anxious, or you are aware that your mental health is struggling – please do check out these resources:

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