Evening Skincare Routine

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If you’re an avid reader of our blog, you’ll know that a few weeks ago I wrote about my morning skincare routine, so I thought it would only be right to delve into my evening routine!

I tend to use a few more products in the evening as I like to nourish my skin before I go to bed, and I find my skin doesn’t need as many products during the day.

I start off by removing my makeup using the Garnier micellar water and some cotton pads, it gets the best of the days dirt off of my and then I’ll use my trusty Boots botanical Clary Sage Cleanser to get any remaining make up off of my face. After I’ve cleaned my face, I’ll use my rose water toner and then use a small amount of Origins Mega mushroom soothing treatment lotion. I love this treatment, because it leaves my skin really hydrated.

After this, I spritz some Mario Badescu aloe, chamomile and lavender facial spray over my face and neck and use a few drops of the body shop vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil all over my face and massage that in. I do find this slightly greasy, but my skin feels amazing the next morning after using this stuff.

Most of the time I’ll use the Origins ginzing energy boosting moisturiser, but every couple of days I’ll use the origins drink up intensive overnight mask. This is another product that leaves my face looking and feeling absolutely incredible the next morning, I massage a few dots into my face to finish.

If I’m suffering from a few spots, due to my period or stress or just being a bit run down then I’ll use a cotton bud to apply the Origins super spot remover. It really is as fast acting as they say, I’ll wake up and notice my spots have significantly reduced in size and redness.

I know this is a lot of different product, but I love experimenting with new and different products and no doubt this will significantly cut down the moment I’m too poor to repurchase any of them!

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