My biggest issue with Thomas Markle.

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I’ve really tried to bite my tongue with all the stories surrounding Meghan Markle and her family, but more specifically her father. However, it’s left me with so many mixed emotions and frustrations that I finally felt I needed to put it down somewhere.

I’m not going to include any links to anything I mention, as I believe one of the biggest problems is sharing all of the poison this man and his family are telling the media.

Now I should point out, I’m not a royalist and I don’t keep up on the daily goings-on of the Royal family. However, it’s pretty difficult to not see an article about Meghan and Harry these days and I’ve always felt a lot of sympathy towards the two of them, as they’re just a couple that are trying to do their best for themselves and their son.
I’m never surprised by the British media anymore and the awful comments they make regarding Meghan. My biggest issue is surrounding her family, and more specifically the man that won’t let anyone forget he’s her father.

Any time I see the name Thomas Markle, my heart aches for Meghan because I can only imagine how she must feel seeing the man who raised her has gone to the press with another story about her. As someone who is estranged from her father, I can understand how difficult it is to try and heal from the pain and the heartbreak only to have constant reminders.

But Meghan has it far worse, as the whole world knows her business. She wakes up each morning and sees that her father has done an interview with Good Morning Britain or that he’s done a documentary with Channel 5, and has to watch as the man who was supposed to love her unconditionally makes the narrative all about him.

The tipping point for me, was when I saw a post yesterday evening – he had said that he would do an interview a month until Meghan made contact with him.

Who does this man think he is, to try and blackmail and manipulate his daughter into contacting him? How can any man call himself a parent, when he can so freely emotionally manipulate someone he helped bring into the world and raise?

It makes me feel angry and hurt and frustrated and upset, and a whole host of other emotions that, when someone tries to do the best thing for themselves and their own well-being, that they are made to feel guilty for their decision.

I feel it’s important to note here, if you have a toxic relationship with someone, whether friend or family, you do not owe it to anyone to stay in their life.

Meghan Markle has tried with her father, I would bet money on it, and she has finally reached a point where she has decided to put herself, her marriage and her child first. I can sympathise again, as having a child of my own made me realise that I would never make my child feel they way I have been made to feel, and I’d imagine it’s a similar case for Meghan.

I hope in the following months, that the British and American media stop allowing the Markle family (and Thomas Markle especially) to control the narrative surround Meghan.

I hope that she is able to enjoy her life with her own family and start to heal from all the pain that her ‘family’ have caused her.

2 thoughts on “My biggest issue with Thomas Markle.”

  1. I have not read the latest, so learning the latest. That man is at a new low to say he will do an interview a month till Meghan sees him. That just says all about him and yep, I am furious too. He don’t deserve any contact with her and her family.
    News reporters want to make sure they never do interviews with him. They be just as bad if they do.

    • I try to ignore most of what he spouts, but every so often I see something and it just makes me more and more frustrated. She’s still a person, regardless of what she does. Hopefully one day people will realise that!


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