Trying to remain positive during a pandemic.

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If you follow us over on Instagram then you’ll have seen a post I put up about the fact the UK are now officially in lockdown for a further 3 weeks. I think the majority of us had the same feeling of “3 more weeks of this?!!?! shit” which has definitely been the case for a lot of parents especially.

I have really mixed feelings on it, because I knew it was coming. There was no way that we were going to get out of this just yet, and the government would be silly to assume we’d seen the worst of it and just let us go back to normal. The majority of the country are following protocol now (as can be seen by the statistics which show the infection rate is decreasing and death rate is peaking and showing signs of slowing), but if we were to just go back to normal and then have the virus come back with a vengeance no doubt everyone would be pissed.

So I do understand it, and I’m glad that the government have done it, but my god is it hard. 3 more weeks of the most basic routine and trying to keep a 2 year old entertained, 3 more weeks of postponing any celebration or presents for Grayson’s birthday, 3 more weeks of not seeing family and friends. 3 weeks in the current climate feels so long, because when you aren’t able to go out and do much the days do drag.

However, 3 weeks in the grand scheme of things really isn’t that bad. I’d rather 3 weeks now, than have things go back to normal and the virus come back and then we end up in lockdown for 6 months. With my anxiety I find times like this really difficult to stay positive, but I’m trying my hardest because I know compared to a lot of people we are still extremely lucky.

All of our families and friends are healthy and safe, we are getting to spend so much time with Grayson watching him grow and develop and I know he’s loving all this quality time with mummy and daddy. Grayson is also young enough that he still doesn’t really understand what’s happening, and he just believes his family are on holiday (which makes things much easier for him to understand as to why he can’t see them). So he just thinks he gets to play with his toys all day with mummy, so he’s more than happy.

Once this is over we’ll be able to spoil him rotten and take him to do so many things and see so many new places. Mark still has his job, and although I may not have mine anymore we are still saving money because we aren’t going anywhere (although, the price of our food shop is ridiculous at the moment). So it’s these positives that are keeping me sane.

Obviously I’m not saying that everyone should be happy and positive because people have it worse than they do. Everyone has a right to feel and express any emotions that they currently feel, but for me in the current situation I find it much better for my personal mental health to try and see the positives.

I hope all of you are keeping safe and well, and I hope the next 3 weeks fly by so that you can all enjoy the summer they way it should be enjoyed!

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