World Mental Health Day – 10th October

World Mental Health Day

Today (10th October) marks World Mental Health Day – and this year, it’s more important than ever that we give it the publicity, time and attention that it deserves – with the world going through the toughest times in recent history. Whilst this post is mainly aimed towards men, it’s …

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A review of the excellent budslife CBD Patches.

CBD patches

We were recently given the opportunity to try some of the budslife CBD patches, which we were both really interested to try. As we have both tried CBD oil in the past, and weren’t overly impressed with it, we wanted to try it in a different form. Budslife CBD Patches …

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An open letter to my therapist.

Therapist Header

After a recent Instagram post I got to thinking about my therapist from a few years back. I’ve tried counselling at school, CBT, stress management courses and NHS led counselling – all of which were great but I felt like I needed something more. I ended up paying to see …

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Mental Health Awareness week

Mental Health Awareness

Trigger warning. This post talks about mental health issues and anxiety. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week – and Ash suggested that I write about my experience with Mental Health throughout my life – so, here goes. My Mental Health I had an awesome childhood. I’m starting with that, …

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My weight and me.

Weight and me

TW: I will be talking about weight issues and topics related to eating disorders within this post, so if you’re effected by these topics please don’t read on ❤️ My weight and me I’d never really considered my weight as a kid, and I think that’s just because I was …

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Living with Iritis (Uveitis) – Things you should know

Living with Iritis

Before I start – this isn’t a sympathy post – whilst I appreciate the good wishes, the last thing I want is anyone to feel sorry for me! Yes, Iritis is a pain (literally and mentally), but no, it doesn’t (really) change my life, and there are people a lot …

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Trying to remain positive during a pandemic.

Ash Grayson beach

If you follow us over on Instagram then you’ll have seen a post I put up about the fact the UK are now officially in lockdown for a further 3 weeks. I think the majority of us had the same feeling of “3 more weeks of this?!!?! shit” which has …

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Parents aren’t invincible.

Ash Grayson

The other week I was telling a friend how I’d had a really bad migraine the night before, and that because I was solo parenting at the time I told Grayson that my head was hurting and that I wouldn’t be a able to play as much. My friend then …

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An Open Letter

Greg James BBC Radio One Open Letter

For many years now, Greg James has been a staple on my radio dial. From driving home from work, to getting up in the morning – his show, without fail, always brings a smile to my face, no matter how I’m feeling or what is going on in the world. …

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