birth trauma

Birth Trauma – 2 years on.

Birth Trauma

TW: Although I don’t go into specific details within this post, if you have experienced a birth trauma or difficulties surrounding a birth please refrain from reading this post or proceed with caution. As this week is actually Birth Trauma Awareness Week, I thought I would do a bit of …

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Why I wouldn’t have a labour induced again.

*TW: if you have issues surrounding labour, induction, forceps and birth trauma: please read with care or don’t read on” I’ve seen a lot of stories in the media recently surrounding labour and being induced, and the positives and negatives of induction. Having been induced with Grayson, I can understand …

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Stopping the pill and fertility awareness.

I’ve been on the pill for as long as I can remember. I can’t actually remember exactly when I started, but I think I was around 15 (this is a huge guess by the way). So that’s nearly ten years of altering my insides. My relationship with the pill had …

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Understanding a traumatic birth.

TW: Birth Trauma I had a traumatic birth experience. Even writing that is difficult, it fills me with dread and fear and a whole other mix of emotions. It makes me feel light-headed and shakey and uncomfortable. I think for a long time I was running off adrenaline and the …

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