Starting Nursery at 2, and highly sensitive children

Starting Nursery

For those that follow our Instagram account – you’ll know that Grayson has recently started Nursery. Starting Nursery is something that has filled me with anxiety, for several reasons. So, I thought I’d share those anxieties, and let you know how Gracie has been getting on since starting Nursery. Backstory …

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New Tunes Tuesday – Week 2 – Public Service Broadcasting – Turn No More

New Tunes Tuesday - PSB - Every Valley

This weeks New Tunes Tuesday track comes courtesy of Public Service Broadcasting, and is called “Turn No More”. I’ll explain a bit about PSB first, then why I like this track (well, the whole album really, let’s be honest!) New Tunes Tuesday – Public Service Broadcasting These guys don’t sing …

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Wroxham Barns – Affordable Norfolk Days Out – Part 2

Wroxham Barns

In the second part of the Norfolk Days Out series – we’re talking about Wroxham Barns. Obviously, with Covid, things have changed a bit since our last visit here, so this post will hopefully answer some questions that you might have about visiting Wroxham Barns. This is not a paid …

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Starting A Blog – Part 3 – Top Website speeds and optimisation tips

Starting a blog - website speeds

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2 in my “Starting a blog” Series, this part touches on website speeds and optimisations. A few easy wins to help you improve the load times of your website for your visitors. Starting A Blog – Part 3 – Website speeds and optimisations …

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New Tunes Tuesday – Week 1 – Bear’s Den – Agape

New Tune Tuesday - Bear's Den - Agape

I thought I’d start a weekly post just to break the monotony of regular blog posts, and to hopefully introduce a bit of variety to the blog. The concept is “New Tunes Tuesday“, where I’ll share a new (as in, new to the feature, and maybe to you, but not new as in just released) tune each week, and a bit of a background behind why I like it, what it means to me, and similar artists that you might enjoy if you like it too.

So, I’m kicking this off with one of my all time favourite tracks. It’s great when people have favourite tracks, but what makes them even more special (to me) is the back story as to why that song means so much to someone. I’ll level with you, I went to see this band live without ever hearing a track – and ended up leaving with a signed record, and songs that will never leave me.

New Tunes Tuesday – Bear’s Den – Agape

When Ash and I first got together, we’d both come out of long term relationships, and I’ll be quite honest, it was a very rough stage in our lives. I had to move out of my house and in to a flat, and Ash moved back in with her mum and step dad whilst the dust settled on the enormity of the changes in our lives. During the early stages of all of this, I went to see Bear’s Den with a friend, just to get out of the flat more than anything. And I’m so glad I did.

I’d given their album a listen the day before, so I knew what to expect, but then they dropped this song, and I could just feel myself welling up (no shame here, I cry, don’t ever be ashamed of it chaps). This song just bought so much meaning to my current situation – me and Ashleigh weren’t officially a couple at this stage, and I was really struggling with my mental health, and really wasn’t sure what life was throwing at me. The one thing that I did know, was that I wanted to be with Ashleigh – and this song, to me, was all about that;

For I’m so scared of losing you

And I don’t know what I can do about it

So tell me how long, love, before you go

And leave me here on my own

I always had a fear in my mind that Ashleigh would resent me, as we both left our other relationships at the same time – Ashleigh left behind a mortgage and a job. I’d get my self in to such a state worrying about things, and I was genuinely concerned that, after all the upheaval, she’d think I wasn’t worth it!

 I don’t wanna know

Who I am without you

And that single line, “I don’t wanna know who I am without you” was the one for me. The one that slapped me around the face and made me realise that I simply needed to get my act together, and be with the person who made me happiest, who allowed me to be myself, and who I simply enjoyed being with. And with that, we moved in together not long after (as good as, as she had found a job in Ipswich by this point so commuting was a pain), and not long after that, we relocated to Liverpool, and the rest is history!

That’s that – I really hope you enjoy listening to Bear’s Den, and enjoyed the first of many new tunes Tuesday posts.

I can’t encourage you enough to listen to their albums (specifically “Red Earth and Pouring Rain“) – because it’s just absolutely stunning from start to finish – and I resonate with so many of their songs, I’m sure you will too. Also, check them out on Twitter.

Also, check out bands / artists such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich, The Paper Kites and Nick Mulvey, to name but a few.

You can also follow our New Tunes Tuesday playlist on Spotify, if you wanted a playlist of all the tracks we add over the coming weeks.

Affordable Norfolk Days Out – Part 1 – Pettitts Adventure Park

Norfolk Days Out - Pettitts

I thought I’d start to document some of the Norfolk Days Out we have – because in the current climate, with Covid and Social Distancing, it’s important that there’s neutral information around about venues, so people can make informed decisions about the places they visit. Also, it’s crucial we support …

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Childhood memories – games and puzzles

Games and Puzzles

Games and Puzzles I’ve written before about how amazing my grandparents were / are – and I wanted to expand on how their influence in my life is filtering through to the experiences that I want Grayson to have, and to enjoy. One of the most vivid memories I have …

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When do you know your Child is ready for Nursery

Yorkie - Not Just for Dads

We have another guest post today, this time from Eddie over at yorkienotjustfordads. Eddie is dad and stepdad to 5 wonderful little girls, and is a long time supporter of our blog! We’ve discussed with Eddie previously about our reservations with sending Grayson to school, which leads us nicely on …

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Starting a blog – Part 2 – The best Platform

starting a blog - part 2

I had some really lovely feedback from Starting a blog Part 1, so thank you to everyone who took the time to read it and to interact about it. Very much appreciated. In this part, I’m going to cover some of the blogging platforms themselves, and what they can offer …

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