Mental Health

Living with anxiety

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This is something that fills me with a lot of anxiety (ha) to write about, but if it helps someone who suffers or helps someone understand how living with anxiety feels for a loved one who suffers, then it’ll be worth it. So to begin with I suffer from something …

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Skin {Deep} – Dermatillomania


Todays post is a guest post from Ellie at A {Life) twintastic. Ellie is a friend of mine from our University days (way back when!), a mum of three, wannabe perfect housewife, and is now our first Guest Post on The Stevenson Life – where she talks about Dermatillomania – …

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Dealing with negativity online.

negativity online

Mark and I have both felt affected by comments online recently, not necessarily ‘trolling’ but negative comments that just aren’t needed. I also know that we aren’t alone, as many people experience negativity online – it doesn’t matter who you are. We’re very lucky that the people we interact with …

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Parenting as an ambivert


So I’d imagine most of you that will read this post are already aware that a people are either introverts or extroverts. There are however, some people that don’t necessarily fall into one or the other. Those people are known as ambiverts. I see myself as an ambivert, as I …

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Every few years, Burnout rears its head in the news – (normally in January to be fair) and someone will write an article to highlight that it is a real thing. I’ve suffered from Burnout a couple of times, so I know it’s real and I know the signs. A …

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My experience with therapy.

In my life, I’ve experienced a number of different therapies and therapists. Some good and some not so good, but I’ve always maintained that if you find the right therapist for you, then it’s extremely rewarding. My first experience with therapy was when I was in high school, I think …

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