18 months of Grayson.

I’ve been Grayson’s mum for 18 full months, and my god have they been an incredible 18 months. He’s come so far, from being this little flakey 8 pound 4 baby to an absolute giant of a toddler. He just amazes us more and more every day and my heart …

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Latitude 2019

It’s become a bit of a tradition for us now to go to Latitude every year, whether it’s for a day or the whole weekend. Mark and I went for the whole weekend in 2017, which is when we got engaged (and little did we know, Grayson was also chilling …

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Our evening routine.

Since having Grayson, our evening routine has stayed pretty constant unless we’re out or on holiday. We like to try and keep his routine as much as we can just so he always has a sense of normality and will hopefully sleep OK (this obviously doesn’t always work). I always …

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